PACS at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok enhanced with Dot Hill's SANnet storage solution

Carlsbad 04 June 2003Dot Hill is partnering with system integrator ASL Automated Ltd. in Thailand. Working with JF Advance Med Company Ltd., ASL integrated Dot Hill's SANnet storage solution into the Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) environment at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. ASL, based in Bangkok, provides technology solutions and services to its extensive customer base. ASL also works closely with specialised vertical solution providers in the financial, insurance and health care sectors.


PACS environments help medical professionals manage, transport, display and store images efficiently, making them increasingly popular within the health care industry. The PACS environment at Siriraj Hospital, based on Rogan-Delft's HyperPACS, now provides faster access times to further improve overall efficiency due to the superior performance of the SANnet storage solution.

"Our customer, Siriraj Hospital, has been very satisfied with the increased performance provided by upgrading the storage component of the original medical imaging solution we designed for them", stated Kajohn Qumsiri, managing director of JF Advance Med. "We worked closely with ASL to seamlessly integrate Dot Hill's SANnet storage solution into this HyperPACS environment."

Founded in 1888, the 3000-bed Siriraj Hospital is the oldest in Thailand and also serves as a prominent medical school, research and teaching facility. The SANnet enhanced PACS now allows the Siriraj medical professionals, faculty and students to retrieve archived images more quickly and view them in seconds. The new storage solution has provided faster access to critical images used for medical diagnoses.

"ASL has earned the trust and confidence of its customers throughout Thailand, because we are dedicated to delivering one-stop service and high quality products", stated Thinnakorn Luengprasert, ASL Sales Manager. "Dot Hill's SANnet storage products are an excellent addition to our solution portfolio."

The SANnet family of storage systems provides high availability and performance in a compact, rugged enclosure. The common modular architecture of the SANnet product family provides seamless scalability for future growth. SANnet storage systems deliver 99,9998+ percent uptime, that is just 40 seconds unplanned downtime per year.

CEO James Lambert of Dot Hill stated: "ASL is highly respected in Thailand, and we are pleased they are recommending and integrating SANnet into a variety of solutions. The SANnet product line is well-suited to the rigorous performance and reliability requirements of applications such as PACS, which makes it a good fit for ASL's customers."

Dot Hill Systems Corporation is specialised in the innovative design and delivery of storage networking solutions to channel partners worldwide. Its products include the SANnet family of storage systems, SANscape storage management software, SANpath storage networking software and professional training, support and service.

Leslie Versweyveld

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