Xograph Imaging Systems to distribute Rogan-Delft PACS products

Delft 02 June 2003Xograph Imaging Systems Ltd, the British foremost privately owned radiology and health care IT organisation, has been appointed to promote, implement and support Rogan-Delft's innovative range of medical image management solutions (PACS) in the United Kingdom. Rogan-Delft is part of Delft Diagnostic Imaging and a member of the Dutch Delft Instruments Group.


Rogan-Delft is best known for pioneering the EOL or "Everything?On-Line" concept, making routing and pre-fetching a thing of the past. An expanded range of products was launched by Rogan-Delft at the 2003 European Congress of Radiology in Vienna and further innovative products are expected during the course of this year.

Xograph Imaging Systems has over 35 years experience in the United Kingdom medical imaging sector, with major market shares in Direct Digital Radiography (DR) and Mobile Image Intensifiers and its health care IT division has undergone considerable expansion to prepare itself for the increased business.

Delft Diagnostic Imaging includes Oldelft Benelux B.V., Rogan-Delft B.V. and the thorax-imaging business, which is operating as Delft Imaging Systems B.V. By incorporating the existing diagnostic imaging activities under a new brand, Delft Diagnostic Imaging, greater emphasis is placed on, for what is for Delft Instruments, an important growth market.

Delft Instruments N.V. is the holding company of an international group of companies with around 1200 employees and annual sales of close to 200 million euro. Delft Instruments primarily sells advanced instruments, systems and software developed and/or produced in-house for medical and industrial applications, supplemented by a range of trading products.

Leslie Versweyveld

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