Viatronix launches latest software version for virtual colonoscopy featuring supine-prone registration

Long Island 30 June 2003Long Island-based innovator and expert in 2D/3D visualisation software Viatronix Inc. has released version 1.3 of its best of breed Virtual Colonoscopy software. The new version of V3D Virtual Colonoscopy module provides numerous software enhancements and a unique supine and prone registration feature, allowing the user to easily correlate between the supine and prone scan.


This feature empowers the user to switch at any time between the supine and prone scan enabling a faster verification of findings or parts that might be collapsed or hidden by residual stool and fluid in one of the two scans. This novel and important enhancement makes the Viatronix V3D Colon module more unique, versatile, and robust when it comes to optimised work flow and reporting.

Kevin Kreeger, Director of R&D at Viatronix, stated: "Previously if the physician wanted to verify on the second scan any abnormality that was seen on the first scan a manual search was required to find the same location." Dr. Kreeger went on to say: "Beyond just presenting a screen layout with both scans visible we register the two scans together. This is not a simple rigid registration that allows the physician to scroll through 2D slices simultaneously. Instead we register along the colon based on shape and known landmarks such as the flexures so that even the 3D fly-through is automatically correlated."

Viatronix Inc. is the market leader in the development and delivery of innovative 2D/3D visualisation software solutions for the radiology department. "By adding the most recent enhancements to its Virtual Colonoscopy software, the company has once again proven to the market that its innovative visualisation solutions are by far among the highest quality and ahead of their time", stated CEO Dave Barnitt. He added: "The Viatronix team of scientists continue their endeavours to develop, enhance and deliver superior clinical applications as plug-ins around our general purpose workstation, the V3D Explorer."

Virtual colonoscopy is a new, innovative procedure that allows physicians to screen patients for colorectal cancer, the second-leading cause of cancer death in the United States. It uses information obtained from a helical CAT scan of the patient's abdomen to create a virtual image of the colon on a computer screen. In this way a physician can "fly-through" a virtual image of the patient's colon on a PC instead of requiring invasive fiber optic procedures.

Viatronix is an innovator and developer of diagnostic 3D imaging software, which enables physicians to interactively view patients' vital organs and anatomical structures. The Viatronix V3D-Explorer has patent protected technology, which enables 3D visualisation of organs from patient data acquired by standard imaging equipment in a minimally or non-invasive method.

The V3D-Colon allows physicians to interactively view the colon reconstructed from a CT scan, providing visualisation of the inner surface of the colon including polyps. The V3D-Calcium Scoring aids physicians in determining the amount of calcium plaque accumulation in the coronary arteries. Viatronix, through application of the V3D technology, is developing additional innovative products that will be useful in earlier detection of other diseases, treatment planning, and follow-up evaluation. Viatronix Inc. is located in Stony Brook, New York. More news on Viatronix is to be found in the VMW article Doctors support Viatronix Virtual Colonoscopy screening system to save more lives.

Leslie Versweyveld

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