Misys introduces enhanced versions of Encompass and Clinical Financial v6.0 as well as Insight v2.2

Tucson 22 June 2003Misys Healthcare Systems, a provider of health care IT, has made available Misys Encompass 2.0, an upgraded version of its comprehensive Web-based clinical information solution. The company has also launched its latest version of Misys Clinical Financial, a critical financial information system for independent reference labs and outreach hospital lab programmes that automates and manages all laboratory business activities. In addition, an enhanced version of Misys Insight, which includes new HIPAA compliancy and multi-facility support features, was introduced. The new release, version 2.2, is expected to become generally available during June 2003.


Offering secure Web access to clinical information, the new Encompass product release provides several new features to physicians and clinicians outside the acute care environment, resulting in convenient, anytime-anywhere access, accelerated consultations, reduced medical errors, and improved patient care.

"Misys Encompass 2.0 provides an effective, patient-centred view of laboratory orders and results", stated Erv Klink, Ph.D., Chief Information Officer, TriCore Reference Laboratories Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico, a Misys Encompass 2.0 beta site that recently went live with the new release. "This provides medical specialists secure access to historical patient information for patients referred to them by their primary care providers. As a result, we improve service to our clients which, in turn, helps them to improve patient care."

Misys Encompass allows physicians to easily and securely view, share, analyse, and communicate information needed to efficiently and effectively manage the care of patients through Web-based results, Web-based orders, and HIPAA security features. New features included in version 2.0 are:

  • Easy and secure laboratory test ordering
  • Real-time Table and Maintenance file which builds from Misys Laboratory and eliminates dual maintenance within the Laboratory system and Misys Encompass
  • Learning Logic, which builds time-saving, self managed, preferred order lists and frequently used diagnosis codes lists
  • Automatic Patient registration storage for future order session use
  • Medical Necessity prompting, alerting, and ABN printing
  • Order Summary that displays historical orders entered with real-time order status updates and result viewing
  • Modify Orders accommodates orders that need to be modified prior to receipt of the specimen at the performing lab
  • Specimen Collect Screen Alerts for orders which have failed Medical Necessity and that includes an option to print ABN and identify signature status

As part of Misys Healthcare Systems' continued development in and commitment to this system, Misys Clinical Financial v.6.0 includes several new enhancements to assist in the optimisation and growth of a laboratory's outreach programme.

"We are already experiencing improved productivity and customer service with the new, GUI-based inquiry features in Misys Clinical Financial version 6.0", stated Tony Douvenditizis, Chief Information Officer of Omega Medical Laboratories. "The productivity improvements are helping us contain costs as we grow our business through improved service to the markets we serve."

Unlike other systems on the market, Misys Clinical Financial delivers a comprehensive solution that combines accounts receivable, billing and general ledger functions with fully integrated regulatory compliance tools. Driven by the needs of the large Misys client base and a financially focused Special Interest Group (SIG) of clients, this latest enhanced version of the system provides users with Graphical User Interface (GUI) access from a single feature to access four inquiry options including Patient Inquiry, Client Inquiry, Test Price Inquiry, and Diagnosis Inquiry. It also offers the ability to address immediate SIG requests.

Omega Medical Laboratories is a community-based, licensed medical laboratory that serves a large base of physicians and their patients, as well as hundreds of nursing homes and businesses. Founded in 1983, and based in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Omega Medical Laboratories and its subsidiary, Omega Health Care, are under the direction of Dr. Jerome Marcus, who has an extensive clinical background and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Pathology.

Misys Insight is a clinical decision support system (CDSS) that integrates data from nearly any HIS and clinical information system, then instantly sends critical signals via PDA, pager, cell phone, e-mail or fax to caregivers wherever they are. It complements CPOE and other clinical systems by closely monitoring results and other clinical activities throughout the enterprise after order entry.

"We use Misys Insight with a Misys Laboratory interface for timely notification of and timely clinical response to critical and abnormal laboratory results and plan to utilise it with their radiology and pharmacy systems in the future", stated Mary Matzke, RN and Director Clinical Support, Information Technology, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, a version 2.2 beta site that expects to go live during June 2003. "This new release will help us achieve HIPAA compliance and support medical staff across our two facilities."

Key enhancements available with Misys Insight v2.2 include:

  • HIPAA compliancy through encrypted e-mail alerts, HIPAA audit log creation and single log-on, Microsoft Windows Network Authentication support
  • Multi-facility support enables users to access just the functionality and patient information relevant to their environment through a single, integrated database that can be administrated from a single point across the entire health care enterprise
  • Alert Acknowledgement Monitor helps monitor acknowledgement status of specified alerts acknowledged within defined time periods via 2-way pagers, telephony board, and e-mail
  • Web-based interface minimises staff training and encourages system adoption as subscribers indicate their desired alerts, thresholds, alert delivery methods or to build customised lists of patients for receiving alerts

Founded in 1988, Cancer Treatment Centers of America practices patient empowerment medicine through a network of cancer treatment hospitals and community oncology programmes in Illinois, Oklahoma and Washington. The facilities provide a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary path to cancer care by integrating cutting-edge medical treatments with time-honored support therapies such as nutrition, naturopathy, psychological counselling and spiritual therapy.

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Leslie Versweyveld

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