Next Dimension Imaging launches Model Analyzer and Anatomy Analyzer software

Chiang Mai 28 July 2003Next Dimension Imaging, a privately held, independent software developer with the focus on innovative 3D graphic solutions, has released two Windows products. Model Analyzer and Anatomy Analyzer are the first two applications published since the relocation to Thailand in the year 2000. The two products, which incorporate various novel techniques, address the markets for general 3D modelling and medical education, research and biomedical engineering.


Founded by Lothar Muench in 1996 in Longmont, Colorado, USA, the focus of Next Dimension Imaging has been consulting and software component development for 3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging. Due to the fact that 3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging products have remained add-on products to 2D ultrasound systems for over ten years, they had not gained significant, clinical relevancy, despite some success in medical research.

When relocating to Thailand, 3D/4D ultrasound imaging operations were discontinued and the focus was directed towards a more dynamic field of information technology. With the mission to offer excellent solutions to the 3D graphics market, R&D projects concentrate on system and application development for 3D visualisation, 3D graphic and Web3D products.

Anatomy Analyzer with its unique feature to quickly access hidden spots, instantly zoom in smallest parts and the feature to take the model apart and to classify it quickly by colorisation, adds a new dimension to the education of medical professionals and to the value of anatomical e-models.

For the analyzer product family, an intuitive, database driven user interface was designed: the proprietary multiple tile view interface MTVI. When exploring a model, the MTVI eliminates model navigation time almost entirely. The automatic analysis process is driven by MORE 1, the first 3D mesh object recognition engine in a commercial product. It provides geometric information about the nature of a 3D object.

According to Lothar Muench, the MORE recognition system is an important milestone in the process of advancing 3D graphic imaging from a facet-centric technology to a geometry-centric technology. He announced that MORE will be marketed as a component, and that a MORE SDK has been scheduled, which will serve geometric intelligence to graphic applications.

Leslie Versweyveld

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