TeleHealth TIGR 5.3 interactive video system enables hospitals to respond instantly to patient complaints

Raleigh 10 July 2003TeleHealth Services, a supplier of hospital television systems, has launched TIGR Version 5.3, an interactive video system that can instantly alert hospital managers to patient complaints. Hospital staff can address patient concerns when it counts, while the individual is still in the bed.


The TIGR system, now in use in more than 100 hospitals around the United States, uses a sophisticated digital-video, file-server system. The interactive capability provides video-on-demand and instant response to electronic customer satisfaction questionnaires. TIGR Version 5.3 automatically sends an e-mail notice to specific staff members as soon as a negative customer response is received.

Dan Nathan, General Manager, TeleHealth Services, stated: "Hospital managers can now take action on a specific response as soon as the patient makes it, rather than waiting for the survey to be completed, turned-in and routed around. For example, if the patient says no to the question Is your room comfortable?, an e-mail alert is sent instantly to an employee who can check the room. The alert is sent even if the full survey is not completed."

Dan Nathan noted that with an optional module, Version 5.3 supports HL7 integration. "By integrating TIGR to the hospital's Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) system through HL7, TeleHealth makes it easier for hospitals to comply with JACHO reporting requirements. Hospitals can easily document in the patient's record which educational videos the patient watched."

TIGR's video-on-demand enables patients to view health education or entertainment programming through their bedside TV with a simple, telephone-based ordering system. The advanced file server allows multiple users to view the same programme at once. The system also allows hospital employees to view training videos on a 24/7 basis. TeleHealth includes an industry leading standard support agreement including phone support, hardware warranty, and software maintenance for each TIGR system.

TeleHealth has a client base of more than 2400 hospitals and annually delivers more than 30.000 hospital-grade televisions to the health care market, distinguishing it as the market leader. TeleHealth Services is the health care division of Telerent Leasing Corporation, founded in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1957. Telerent is a subsidiary of Itochu Corporation, a Global 500 company.

Leslie Versweyveld

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