DINMAR debuts major new release of Oacis electronic medical record

Petaluma 16 July 2003DINMAR (U.S.) Inc., a North American health care technology solutions company, has made available a major new release of the Oacis electronic medical record, Oacis version 7.0. Unveiled at the annual Oacis users' conference in Houston last Spring, this new product release builds on Oacis' leading-edge clinical data repository and associated applications to supply a wealth of new modules and features spanning the Oacis client server deployment and the newer Web-based "Virtual Oacis".


Virtual Oacis, which was released last year, provides the rich functionality of the existing client server product, plus additional features, in a fully configurable Java environment. A sampling of the new Oacis 7.0 functionality includes:

  • Oacis Mobile Medic with Clinical Display - Now the Oacis mobile computing platform contains the powerful clinical results reviewing functionality that is available in the initial product offering, featuring patient lists, patient search, and summary-to-detail results reviewing capabilities, among other features, all on a mobile device.
  • Oacis Virtual Clinical Documentation - This new module allows provider organisations sophisticated facilities with which to create their own custom, Web-based clinical documentation forms, giving them the tools necessary to fit their practice patterns.
  • Oacis Separation Summary (Discharge Summary) - This new module leverages the power of the Oacis clinical data repository to automate physician documentation of a patient's episode of care, and supports electronic distribution of the summary to community doctors or even patients, as needed. "Oacis Separation Summary was created in answer to the industry challenge of ensuring that all relevant caregivers are apprised of information that supports the delivery of better care", stated Mark Groper, DINMAR's CEO. The application was piloted at several metropolitan hospitals in Australia.
  • Oacis Standard Inpatient Nursing Documentation - This robust set of pre-configured and flexible nursing documentation forms is specifically targeted for usage in the inpatient setting.
  • Oacis Pharmacy Order Management enhancements - The Oacis expert drug ordering product has been upgraded to include the latest version of First Databank's Drug Information Framework, an expert clinical decision support tool that checks for such events as drug interactions, allergy alerts, dose range checking and more.
  • CCOW Enablement - The use of the Oacis CCOW feature allows user information to be passed to a context manager allowing the user to experience a seamless transition between systems.

Oacis 7.0 also includes a myriad of other new features in the areas of clinical documentation including paediatric-specific functionality, interactive graphing functionality, simple-to-use clinician configuration capabilities, underlying Web architecture, application server functions, expedited implementation features, and even updates to Oacis administrative products.

"Oacis 7.0 represents a major new release for us, one designed with direct input from our customers and the market at large. We believe that the features inherent in this release will provide more streamlined and efficient work flow for clinicians, allowing them to focus more of their time on patient care", stated Mark Groper.

Founded in 1992, DINMAR (U.S.) Inc. is an expert in management and information technology solutions for the health care industry. DINMAR serves a customer base that includes organisations representing every segment of the health care industry including teaching and community hospitals, hospital consortiums, health care standards organisations, health care authorities and regulators, software vendors and other organisations that provide health care products and services.

DINMAR serves its global customer-base by providing assistance in all aspects of technological change, from establishing business objectives and strategies, to designing and implementing complex information systems. DINMAR's corporate office is located in Ottawa with regional offices in Atlanta, Petaluma, Toronto, and Edmonton.

Leslie Versweyveld

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