National Social Insurance Office for Westfalen deploys SeeBeyond as Enterprise Integration Platform

Frankfurt 19 August 2003The State Social Insurance Office for Westfalen, known as the Landesversicherungsanstalt Westfalen (LVA), has deployed SeeBeyond as its enterprise integration platform, enabling a common integrated hospital information system across the organisation's rehabilitation clinics. Utilising the SeeBeyond platform, LVA was able to connect a heterogeneous environment of disparate applications across individual departments of both the clinics and central administration. The SeeBeyond solution has allowed LVA to streamline work processes, optimise resource management and improve process management quality, data archiving and medical care.


With two primary trends driving the IT decision for health care providers including telematics, the integrated digitalisation of hospital processes, and the exchange of data between the service carriers and cost carriers, this deployment of a common integration platform has enabled the seamless flow of information to and from the organisation's hospital information and communication system, KIKS.

"We wanted to provide a common platform to support our various digital information sources", stated Jochen Broring, head of Hospital Data Processing for LVA Westfalen. "We selected SeeBeyond to provide this communications platform due to its flexibility and modularity, in addition to its ability to leverage our investment in existing systems. Furthermore, SeeBeyond has proved to be a very effective partner with a strong committment to the Health United initiative."

The LVA Westfalen initiative consists of three pillars, which serve as the foundation for KIKS. The first pillar represents the electronic patient files. The second component encompasses the order entry process that electronically handles all work processes. The third pillar of the project, the time and resource management component, uses an electronic process control system to ensure smooth operation. The comprehensive solution has led to considerable reductions in processing times and has eliminated unnecessary transport and bed occupancy times.

"The SeeBeyond solution enabled us to design a simple, uniform user interface", commented Dieter Stashik, head of Organisation Management for LVA Westfalen. "All functions can now be accessed from the graphical work interface of the electronic patient file. Specific programming knowledge of individual sub systems is no longer needed, which in turn, yields major savings in training costs."

"More specifically, the savings resulting from the SeeBeyond deployment can clearly be seen in the discharge report process which, in the past, took between six to 10 weeks. Now, with all of the data available electronically, the report can be issued within just three to seven days of a patient's discharge. This time savings, representing an approximate ten-fold improvement, benefits not only the rehabilitation clinic which can now issue its invoices earlier, but also the insurance companies and employers", added Dieter Stashik.

"SeeBeyond has long been at the forefront of integration for the health care space, both in the United States and in Europe", stated David Bennett, vice president and general manager for SeeBeyond EMEA. "Our vision of composite application development is clearly exemplified here with the consolidation and presentation of real-time patient information from a large number of disparate, multimedia sources to the medical workstation. This is a significant step in the advancement of more effective patient care."

The KIKS pilot project, which has been up and running in two clinics for more than one year, has received positive reactions from health care organisations across Germany. As a result of its modular structure and standardised interfaces, the solution now serves not only as a reference for all pension insurance companies, but also for many rehabilitation facilities, who have indicated strong interest in implementing a similar solution.

The solution is also applicable to conventional hospitals. LVA Westfalen intends to further develop and extend KIKS to manage comprehensive on-line bed allocation. "In the future, it should be as simple to reserve a bed in a rehab clinic as it is to book a holiday advancing us from simple patient administration to patient management", added Jochen Broring.

LVA Westfalen is the carrier of the state pension insurance scheme for employees within its area of responsibility, the Westphalia region including the former Lippe region. Including craftsmen, compulsorily insured self-employed, voluntarily insured people and pensioners, LVA Westfalen takes care of roughly five million people. In order to improve and restore employability by means of rehabilitation, LVA Westfalen runs five of its own clinics, approximately 200 beds per hospital, each covering different indications.

With the start of KIKS in August 2001, seven software companies agreed to create a complete and standardised IT solution for rehabilitation clinics under the project management of LVA Westfalen. The partnership was called Health United and includes the following partners: Optimal Systems with the Electronic Patient Record, SeeBeyond with eGate Integrator, Margarethea Informatik with the Time Management System Time-Base, Hinz with the care programme Nancy, Comed GmbH with the laboratory system Lab-Com, ID-GmbH with ID-Diacos, and Philips with voice recognition Speech-Magic.

Drawing on 14 years of software innovation and real-world experience in integrating systems across Global 2000 organisations, SeeBeyond delivers the industry's most comprehensive, standards-compliant network for the rapid assembly and deployment of enterprise-scale end-user applications built on existing systems and infrastructure. Going beyond eAI, the SeeBeyond ICAN Suite helps organisations dramatically improve business operations resulting in reduced costs, increased market share and improved customer service.

SeeBeyond has more than 1825 customers worldwide, including ABB, ABN Amro, BHP Billiton, The Cleveland Clinic, The Dial Corporation, DuPont, Florida Power & Light, Fluor Daniel, Fujitsu, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer, Samsung, Sprint, Sutter Health and United Healthcare.

Leslie Versweyveld

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