Electric Genetics Corporation releases eVoke gene expression ontology toolkit

Cape Town 15 August 2003Electric Genetics Corporation, comprising a United States based headquarters and a South Africa based R&D arm, has released its eVoke gene expression ontology toolkit and solution. eVoke is quickly earning acceptance, seeing key genome researchers around the world rapidly adopting its ontologies as industry standard for describing gene expression states.


The only peer-reviewed, published human expression ontology broadly available, eVoke's ontologies are presently incorporated into Ensembl, and have been adopted by Genome Knowledgebase. Efforts are currently underway to link them to the widely used Gene Ontology.

"The increasingly high-profile ontologies arena is a complex space", stated Tania Broveak Hide, Electric Genetics' CEO. "eVoke captures this complexity with simple queries, allowing illustration of the intricacy of the problem, but in a simple, easy to understand fashion."

"With researchers across the globe rushing to solve the ontologies challenge, eVoke serves to simplify both human and computer processes through the provision of clear, untangled hierarchies inherent in the product, setting the standard for linking experimental data with consistent terms that provide insight into phenotype in a way that can be easily understood and interpreted by researchers in all disciplines", Tania Broveak Hide continued.

Further, eVoke is designed to ensure intuitive and rapid integration into existing bioinformatics systems. The incorporation of eVoke with the company's flagship transcript reconstruction and variation analysis tool, stackPACK, creates significant impact for scientists by enabling them to do more complex queries with respect to gene expression analysis and annotation.

"The essence of eVoke is reflected in the core values under which it was created: Standard, Simple, Powerful, Easily Integrated, Functional, Flexible and Customisable", concluded Tania Broveak Hide.

Electric Genetics Corporation has just launched its United States corporate headquarters, situated in Reston, Virginia. The company's business model is designed to provide focused, modular solutions that are flexible and easily integrated with other tools or analysis pipelines, resulting in the broad adoption and use of Electric Genetics' solutions in major scientific research and discovery arenas.

All products incorporate industry standards. Where none are present, the company collaborates with academics to develop standards, as is the case with its latest offering, eVoke. Electric Genetics' product offerings embrace open source bioinformatics developments.

Leslie Versweyveld

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