University of California uses Adaptec network accelerator to speed genome research

Milpitas 18 August 2003Adaptec Inc., specialised in storage solutions, has made available a new network accelerator card that increases the performance of servers used in high-performance computing applications. The Adaptec network accelerator offloads all TCP/IP processing from the host to make more CPU processing power available for networked applications.


The Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), uses clustered servers, an increasingly popular way to scale both computing power and capacity, for genome simulation to support its study of DNA, RNA and protein sequences. The centre's research team experienced network file-server slowdowns caused by simultaneous requests from multiple application servers in the cluster and overload from TCP/IP processing. UCSC deployed the Adaptec network accelerator to clear the processing bottleneck.

"Adaptec's full TCP/IP offload solution has substantially improved the efficiency of our high-performance, networked systems", stated Ann Pace, assistant director of UCSC's Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering. "The network accelerator is enabling our genome research team to perform more tests, faster, in some cases doubling the number of jobs completed and substantially accelerating our research efforts."

The Adaptec Network Accelerator 7711 is now available from distributors and resellers worldwide such as Arrow, Ingram Micro and Tech Data and Linux high-performance computing vendors such as Penguin Computing. Companies in financial services, life sciences, national defence and other industries are choosing Adaptec's network accelerator card to eliminate bottlenecks caused by TCP/IP processing in high-performance server clusters used in file serving, back-up and restore applications.

"The growing high-performance computing market is shifting from a focus on high-end supercomputers to lower cost Linux-based server clusters running on industry-standard architectures", stated IDC research analyst Robert Gray. "These data-intensive environments often cause bottlenecks that slow system performance. TCP/IP offload is a compelling solution for system vendors as they work to speed network performance in the high-performance computing market."

"The Adaptec network accelerator card allows IT managers to leverage existing IP infrastructure and in-house expertise to maximise the performance of Linux server clusters for high-performance computing", stated Ram Jayam, vice president and general manager of Adaptec's Storage Networking Group. "Our complete TCP offload technology enables organisations to accelerate the performance of networked applications. We are pleased to leverage our strong channel presence and advanced TCP/IP offload technology to enable new approaches to faster high-performance computing."

Distributors and value-added resellers are offering Adaptec network accelerators to maximise their customers' network performance and extend their existing server investments. "Many of our customers are deploying large Linux farms based on Intel architecture to perform data-intensive computation, transferring large amounts of information between systems", stated Sam Ockman, CEO of Penguin Computing. "By offloading TCP/IP processing, Adaptec's network accelerator cards enable host CPUs to deliver more processing power, significantly improving the Linux clusters' computing performance."

"Solution providers recommending or supporting network-intensive applications such as LAN-based back-up and file serving over Ethernet require advanced solutions that completely offload TCP/IP processing from the host CPU and increase application performance", stated Roy Appelbaum, Tech Data's vice president of network product marketing. "Backed by Tech Data's industry-leading technical services, Adaptec's new network accelerator helps our customers extend the computing power of their clients' application and file servers."

Manufacturer's suggested retail pricing for the ANA-7711F, fibre, and ANA-7711C, copper, is $995 and $895, respectively. Adaptec Inc. provides end-to-end storage solutions that reliably move, manage and protect critical data and digital content. Adaptec provides software and hardware solutions for storage connectivity and data protection, storage networking and networked storage subsystems to leading OEM and distribution channel partners. Adaptec solutions are in use by enterprises, ISPs, medium and small businesses and consumers worldwide.

Leslie Versweyveld

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