Metrologic's Voyager bar code scanners help improve patient care and safety

Blackwood 26 August 2003One of the United States' largest operators of hospitals and health care facilities purchased in excess of 7500 of Metrologic's MS9520 Voyager bar code scanners as part of a patient safety initiative. Metrologic Instruments Inc. is an expert in optical image capture and processing solutions that designs, manufactures and markets sophisticated imaging and scanning solutions for a variety of point-of-sale, commercial and industrial applications using a broad array of laser, holographic and vision-based technologies.


The customer began rolling out new state-of-the-art medical workstations equipped with a laptop computer and a Metrologic bar code scanner. The carts and new computer system are designed to improve patient safety and care.

A unique bar code is assigned to each patient when they enter the hospital and is linked in the hospital's computer system with the patient's name and pertinent medical information. During their stay in the hospital, patients wear a wristband on which the assigned bar code is printed. Each prescription that is ordered is entered into the computer system where it is checked to make sure the patient is not allergic to the drug, and that it will not cause problems with other medications the patient may be taking.

In the pharmacy, each medication is assigned a unique bar code that correlates with the bar code on the patient's wristband. Each medication ordered then appears on the screen of the laptop that is on the mobile workstation. Using the Metrologic Voyager bar code scanner, the nurse scans the patient's medications and then scans the patient's wristband. The laptop checks the computer system to confirm the correct medication, in the correct dosage is being dispensed to the correct patient at the correct time of day.

Metrologic's Director of Strategic Sales, Greg DiNoia, commented: "Many health care facilities have or are in the process of implementing many new processes and systems that provide patient safety initiatives and/or comply with the nationwide Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) legislation."

"The new medical carts in this particular application are one case in point. That system is intended to greatly reduce the number of medication dispensing errors, thus further protecting the well being of the patients. Our customer was exceptionally pleased when Metrologic assisted with the integration process by customising the scanner software and pre-configuring the scanners to work with the new system."

Mr. DiNoia continued: "Metrologic has supplied over 7500 Voyagers to this customer. Additional scanners are planned for purchase in 2003 and 2004. This application is a great example of the growing need for bar code scanning in the health care industry. Overall patient safety initiatives, HIPAA, and recent FDA proposals have certainly made an impact."

"Drug manufacturers are beginning to bar code single dose medications, while health care facilities, pharmacies, and doctor's offices will be using the bar codes to identify, protect, and track documents, lab samples, and patient medications. Metrologic is positioned well as we provide a broad range of bar code scanners that fit the specific needs of these applications."

Metrologic designs, manufactures and markets bar code scanning and high-speed automated data capture systems solutions using laser, holographic and vision-based technologies. Metrologic offers expertise in 1D and 2D bar code reading, portable data collection, optical character recognition, image lift, and parcel dimensioning and singulation detection for customers in retail, commercial, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and postal and parcel delivery industries.

In addition to its extensive line of bar code scanning and vision system equipment, the company also provides laser beam delivery and control systems to semi-conductor and fibre optic manufacturers, as well as a variety of highly sophisticated optical systems. Metrologic products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide through Metrologic's sales, service and distribution offices located in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Leslie Versweyveld

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