STM Networks' satellite-based communication technology selected for ITU sponsored distance education project

Irvine 07 August 2003STM Networks Inc., a company dedicated to the development and supply of advanced VSAT products, has been selected for supply of its latest Solante VSAT products for an ITU and UNESCO sponsored project in Morocco related to VSAT based e-learning education for teachers. For developing countries, delivering even basic health care and education to remote, sparsely populated regions has long seemed an almost insurmountable challenge. Today, thanks to the advent of broadband satellite communication and advances in compression and image processing technology, telemedicine and distance education applications are becoming cost-effective solutions.


STM, which is focused on offering satellite-based communications services in developing countries, has supplied a Solante Platform to NORTIS of Morocco, a subsidiary of Telenor of Norway, to support the ITU and UNESCO initiative with the Moroccan Ministry of Education.

Anas Zemmouri, Operations Director for NORTIS, stated: "We will closely work with ITU in this project to deliver e-learning services in Morocco through the Ministry of Education and then incrementally expand the services in a phased plan. STM's Solante system, which represents one of the latest VSAT technologies, was selected by NORTIS and ITU because of its capabilities and ease of integration with advanced Management Information System software to bring interactive on-line education to rural communities."

The ITU sponsored project entails creation of new learning facilities. Each facility can accommodate up to 30 students, who interact in real time with teachers located in centralised off-site training studios. The project also involves major technology providers such as IBM, OneTouch, and Eutelsat.

The Moroccan Ministry of Education, ITU, UNESCO and Mondail bank will be involved throughout the project implementation. The number of learning facilities is expected to grow to 80 sites in several phases and the network inauguration is scheduled for later this year.

David Bredendick, STM's Vice President, stated: "The selection of our Solante system for this project underscores its advanced technology and field proven operation." The Solante product is designed for full mesh connectivity, telephony, and broadband operation and serves a variety of applications. The Solante product is also offered in an outdoor configuration specifically for rural applications.

STM Networks Inc. is a VSAT network provider for IP connectivity, telephony and bandwidth on-demand data and video applications. STM has a worldwide network of representatives supported by experienced technical staff for effective sales and support of sophisticated VSAT networks.

Leslie Versweyveld

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