Lancaster General Hospital uses Motion Tablet PCs to increase patient safety

Austin 15 September 2003Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is putting into practice 75 Motion M1300 Tablet PCs as part of the hospital's mobility initiative. Lancaster General is rolling out MedPoint-MedAdmin software from Bridge Medical Inc. on the Motion M1300 Tablet PCs. The MedPoint application uses bar-code technology to increase patient safety with a bedside medication verification application, which communicates with Lancaster General's pharmacy, registration and administration systems.


With this patient safety application, doctors, nurses, patients, and prescribed drugs at Lancaster General are assigned unique bar codes. During medication administration, a nurse scans the bar-coded identification badge to log onto the system and then scans the patient's bar code and medication package to verify through the M1300 Tablet PC that the right patient is receiving the right dose of the right medication.

Each doctor-written prescription stays with the patient's chart, and a copy is entered into the pharmacy system. The Motion Tablet PC, running the MedPoint software, prompts nurses electronically at the point of care to compare and verify the fulfilled prescription with the written copy. MedPoint also electronically documents the medication administered to the patient, eliminating a paper-based process.

Lancaster General Hospital nurses and doctors also wirelessly connect to the hospital's intranet with the M1300 Tablet PCs, accessing their Siemens SMS system. At the patient's bedside, the doctors and nurses can access medical sheets and lab results, and look up policies and forms, through this system.

"We are betting on the future of the tablet PC with this initiative, and we are enthusiastic about applications being developed to the tablet PC, to further it", stated Sherri Swezey, Lancaster General Hospital Manager, PC Services and Support. "Because of its lightweight slate design, battery life and large screen size, Motion's M1300 Tablet PC was the best fit for our doctors and nurses."

"By extending the benefits of ultra-mobility to Lancaster General Hospital, the doctors and nurses will experience greater efficiencies and productivity", stated Ralph Spagnola, Motion Computing's vice president of sales. "The Motion M1300 Tablet PC allows these professionals to focus on patient care, not technical details."

Motion has won acclaim for its innovative 12,1-inch display and three-pound product design, and is at the forefront of second-generation tablet PC development. The company delivered the first slate models based on Intel Centrino mobile technology and has developed patent-pending accessories such as its space-saving hardtop keyboard.

Nationally recognized for its efficiency and high quality of care, Lancaster General Hospital is a 521-bed non-profit hospital that offers a wide variety of acute-care medical services including open-heart and orthopaedic surgery, trauma and neurosurgery. A member of the 100 Top Hospitals in America for the last five years, Lancaster General Hospital is a keystone of the Lancaster General health system, which includes the Lancaster General Women & Babies Hospital and more than 50 outpatient facilities and physician practices throughout Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Motion Computing, a tablet PC provider, combines world-class innovation and industry experience, enabling people to use computers in new ways and places. Marketed directly through its Web site and an experienced international reseller network, each Motion product is built to customer specifications. The company's M1200 and M1300 Tablet PCs and accessories are designed for users who need a combination of true mobility, power and versatility.

Leslie Versweyveld

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