New Mexico Corrections Department & Addus Healthcare adopt Trestle's MedReach telemedicine platform

Newport Beach 06 October 2003Trestle Holdings Inc., a provider of digital tissue imaging solutions and network medicine applications, has implemented its next generation telemedicine solution, MedReach, for the New Mexico Corrections Department. Specifically designed to manage physician-patient encounters over Internet protocol (IP) networks, the MedReach solution was chosen by the New Mexico Corrections Department to provide comprehensive health care services to inmates in seven facilities under the Department's jurisdiction, including both public and privately-owned and operated facilities that house the Department's inmates.


Michael Doherty, Chairman of Trestle Holdings Inc., stated: "With the completion of the Trestle reorganisation, we are committing additional resources to the development of MedReach. We view our relationship with Addus and the New Mexico Department of Corrections as extremely important as we continue to collaborate with them on how to develop and deliver the best possible clinical telemedicine application for providers of health care in this industry."

MedReach provides the Department with enterprise-wide, multi-media distance medicine applications that more efficiently provide care to inmates within its community of facilities and integrates remote diagnostic medical devices to enable the remote examination, diagnosis and treatment of patients by physicians when direct face-to-face interaction is inconvenient, inefficient or ineffective.

Dr. Michael Puisis, Medical Director of the project for Addus Healthcare commented: "We have used Trestle to install and service the telemedicine network for our contract with the State of New Mexico. They completed their work on time, they were on budget, and they helped us navigate through the inevitable problems of starting telemedicine. If you are interested in telemedicine, you should consider them as your technical partner."

Currently, the MedReach network enables inmates at Santa Rosa, New Mexico, to receive psychiatric counseling via video teleconferencing from specialists in Illinois. Also, the Corrections Department, in conjunction with the Center for Telehealth at the University of New Mexico Medical School, is using MedReach to conduct training on treatment plans for Hepatitis C for its clinical staff and physicians at all of the Department's facilities. Both programmes save the Department significant travel time while maintaining quality of care.

Noted Frank D. Pullara, MD, Director Health Services for the New Mexico Department of Corrections: "The MedReach telemedicine application has proven to be an excellent productivity tool in our Hepatitis C project, allowing us to train doctors and clinical staff at all our facilities in the latest protocols."

Trestle Holdings Inc. develops and sells digital imaging and network medicine applications to the life sciences markets. The company's products, MedReach, MedMicroscopy and MedScan, all link dispersed users with each other, information databases, and analytical tools. This improved integration drives cost savings and process efficiencies, reduces time to market for new drugs, improves patient care, and increases revenue.

MedMicroscopy, the company's tissue imaging product, transforms traditional glass microscopy slides into a flexible and leverageable digital format. Tissue analysis is a local, highly manual and glass-intensive "bottleneck" process for both clinical care and drug discovery. MedMicroscopy allows microscope users to view, manipulate, and store visually lossless digital images from multiple remote locations instantly rather than in hours or days. MedScan, the company's second generation product, performs high throughput whole glass digitization, facilitating clinical and research digital image analysis, digital work flow and data mining applications.

MedReach, the company's network medicine product, allows health care organisations to service increased patient traffic without personnel or facility investments. MedReach enables remote examination, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with real-time integration of voice, video, and patient data, including various types of medical imaging.

Leslie Versweyveld

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