Healthcom and LifeLink partner to make new telehealth services available to homecare agencies

Sullivan 23 September 2003Healthcom, a telehealth company, and LifeLink Monitoring, a provider of advanced home telemonitoring services, have created a new strategic partnership. This partnership is now making important new services available to home health providers nationwide and eliminates any requirement for them to invest, purchase equipment or sign long-term leases to obtain these services for their clients.


The in-home care of hypertension, congestive heart failure and diabetes patients can be improved with these new services, and, at the same time, reduce the home care agency's costs. These services, called CareVital, expand Healthcom's existing in-home automated medication management and personal emergency response programme, called Senior Health Advantage.

Vital at-home client information such as their blood pressure, heart rate, weight, blood glucose and self-reported symptoms are monitored by the patient at home with CareVital's patient-friendly technologies. Daily, or as often as required, the home care agency's clients can monitor their vital signs and receive immediate voice feedback on their readings in the privacy of their home.

The data is also sent over standard telephone lines, and transferred into a secure Senior Health Advantage Web page where it can be integrated with medication adherence history and personal emergency response utilization. The user's physician, home care nurse, care manager, or family members with user's permission can view this vital information with any Web browser on a secure 24/7 basis.

"CareVital, available to home care agencies without investment or lease, represents a realistic new way for home health agencies nationwide to obtain these exciting new telehealth services for their clients. These services fit with our goal of helping agencies improve the care and outcomes of their home health clients while decreasing their costs", stated Lou Ludlum, Healthcom's Director of Business Development.

Physicians, care managers and clients now have an effective and efficient source of clinical information from the client's home for improving treatment of chronic conditions. They can obtain higher quality and more timely information than is possible with office or home nursing visits. CareVital also provides timely information for a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of a client's condition, better treatment plans and improved outcomes.

"We are very excited to be working with Healthcom to provide CareVital services to its home health providers nationwide", stated John Holland, President and CEO of LifeLink Monitoring. "Whether used alone or in combination with Healthcom's other Senior Health Advantage services, CareVital is a powerful clinical tool to improve outcomes in a variety of health care settings."

Healthcom is a provider of medication management, personal emergency response and Alzheimer's monitoring technologies to home care agencies nationwide. Healthcom specializes in providing services that help home care agencies clients stay in their own home, yet make user data available to clinicians and caregivers to help provide the highest quality of care possible.

LifeLink Monitoring is a provider of telemonitoring services to home health, disease management and managed care organisations, and to self-insured employers. LifeLink Monitoring provides a broad range of telemonitoring services, including blood pressure, heart rate, weight, blood glucose, hemoglobin A1c and symptoms monitoring. The company was recently selected to provide telemonitoring services for four major National Institute of Health (NIH) studies.

Leslie Versweyveld

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