RTX Wireless TeleHealth Gateway added to Health Hero platform

Mountain View 14 October 2003The Health Hero technology platform now provides support for wireless medical devices through integration of the RTX Wireless TeleHealth Gateway. The RTX devices, including blood pressure monitors and weight scales, communicate with the Health Hero iCare Desktop application via secure Bluetooth and Internet transmission. Health Hero Network is previewing the RTX Wireless TeleHealth Gateway, which will be commercially available in early 2004, at the DMAA conference in Chicago.


The RTX Wireless TeleHealth Gateway is a wireless Bluetooth-to-GSM/GPRS or PSTN gateway for secure transmission of data from vital sign monitoring devices to a secure Internet server. The TeleHealth Gateway, designed for home health monitoring, offers patients maximum of freedom, mobility and convenience.

The Health Hero platform includes the easy-to-use Health Buddy appliance and Health Buddy Web patient interfaces, which send information to the iCare Desktop application, a Web-based patient management tool that monitors clients' responses. Patients respond to personalized, dynamic Health for several health conditions including heart failure, diabetes, and hypertension.

The RTX Wireless TeleHealth Gateway will be available from Health Hero Network as a companion device to the Health Buddy appliance or as an independent health monitoring option. In both configurations, data collected by the RTX Wireless TeleHealth Gateway will be displayed to care providers via the iCare Desktop application.

"Adding the RTX Wireless TeleHealth Gateway to the Health Hero technology platform continues our tradition of innovation and forward-thinking", commented Geoffrey Clapp, Health Hero Network CTO/COO. "By incorporating these next-generation wireless devices, Health Hero Network continues to provide our customers with increasing freedom to select appropriate technologies for individual patients."

"As an OEM supplier of products to wireless remote patient monitoring of vital signs, RTX Healthcare is pleased to work closely together with Health Hero Network", stated Bjarne Flou, managing director of RTX Healthcare. "The Health Hero platform offers the backbone server technology, infrastructure, and patient management software which, together with the RTX Wireless TeleHealth Gateway, offers a unique and very attractive solution for remote disease management."

RTX Healthcare A/S is an independent subsidiary of RTX Telecom A/S, a company which has achieved a leading international position in the development, design and practical implementation of advanced wireless communication technologies. The vision of RTX Healthcare is to take the best from wireless communication technology and incorporate it into health care and medical devices. RTX Healthcare offers OEM products such as wireless bloodpressure monitors, that communicate with the GSM/GPRS or PSTN Wireless TeleHealth Gateway and transfers the information to a WWW-server. RTX Telecom is listed on the Danish stock exchange market.

Health Hero Network Inc., founded in 1988, develops and licenses technology solutions for health monitoring and management. The Health Hero technology platform offers Internet-enabled care management tools, multiple patient interfaces, and a secure environment for data communications. The company's products include the Health Buddy appliance, featuring Buddylink device connectivity, Health Buddy Web, other licensee devices for data collection and communications with patients, and iCare Desktop, an Internet-based care management and research tool for health care professionals.

Health Hero Network offers over a dozens of Health Dialogues delivering daily monitoring & education, and promoting positive behavioural change for better chronic care with lower costs to the health care system. Buddylink connectivity allows patients to upload device-reported data from a variety of peripherals. The Health Hero technology platform is protected by over 50 issued United States patents. More company information can be found in the VMW September 2003 article Veterans receive daily cancer care using Health Hero Technology Platform and ADCOM to deliver it in Canada.

Leslie Versweyveld

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