Z-KAT selects DataPlay micro-optical format for its newest image-guided surgery platform

Boulder 13 October 2003DPHI Inc. will supply Z-KAT with its DataPlay micro-optical system for use in Z-KAT's new z-box digital surgery platform. The z-box is designed to bring a new evolution of computer-assisted surgery technology to hospital operating rooms worldwide. Specialized in single-use, procedure-specific software applications for minimally-invasive surgery, Z-KAT selected the DataPlay micro-optical system for its compact form factor and robust archival and security features.


The micro-optical format pioneered by DataPlay is the first of its kind and represents the latest advancements in optical disk recording and playback technology. "It is exciting to expand our strong working relationship with a surgical technology company like Z-KAT", stated Bill Almon, President and CEO of DPHI Inc.

"Z-KAT's commitment to the DataPlay platform will help set a new standard for small form factor optics. We look forward to working with Z-KAT to create new products for the medical industry and deliver on our value proposition for low cost, portable and secure storage", added Mr. Almon.

DPHI Inc. provides micro-optical storage technology uniquely suited to digital recording, playback and distribution. The DataPlay platform features a miniaturized optical engine and removable media that enable new ways of storing and securing digital content and data for the growing market of portable electronic devices and systems. The company's technologies are suitable for a broad spectrum of applications in industry verticals and in consumer electronics.

The DataPlay platform is recognized as a pioneering small form factor optical technology designed specifically to meet the needs for portable, secure digital content creation and distribution. Unique to the DataPlay platform is its patented media-based "DRM" architecture and system. Employing a combination of proprietary hardware and software encryption and authentication innovations, content placed on the micro-optical DataPlay media from a trusted source can be accessed only by those with the recognized authority.

Z-KAT, "the digital surgery company", develops software and advanced surgical navigation technologies to enable minimally invasive musculoskeletal and neurological surgeries. The strategic alliance with DPHI furthers Z-KAT's goal of procedurally integrating its digital surgery suite of image-guided technologies for the modern operating room.

Leslie Versweyveld

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