MEDecision's CarePlanner Remote delivers alternative to real-time, wireless network connectivity

Wayne 27 October 2003MEDecision Inc., a software and services expert in care management, has launched CarePlanner Remote. Mobile users now gain fully functional, disconnected access to the company's Integrated Medical Management solution. At the core of MEDecision's Integrated Medical Management, CarePlanner is an integrated case, disease, and utilization management system that unites clinical staff with care management processes through automated work flow and detection tools. CarePlanner Remote expands the options of care managers and other mobile users requiring remote access to care management data. General availability is expected by year-end.


CarePlanner Remote's disconnected access offers an alternative to the real-time, wireless network connectivity that CarePlanner users can implement today via cellular network and other wireless WAN connections. Eliminating the time and costs associated with retraining, CarePlanner Remote operates identically to its real-time counterpart.

"Managed care organisations have a desperate need for disconnected yet fully functional access to clinical, patient, and plan of care information", stated John H. Capobianco, president and chief marketing officer at MEDecision. "By supplementing our wireless connectivity with disconnected access, we're reaching a broader mobile audience. CarePlanner Remote is perfect for users who may not enjoy reliable wireless network availability, as well as users who cannot maintain a live network connection around sensitive medical electronics."

With CarePlanner Remote running on a laptop computer, a care manager downloads all relevant clinical and patient information from the managed care organisation's (MCO's) CarePlanner database. With the work queue loaded on the laptop, the care manager takes CarePlanner directly to the patients and providers.

Working with CarePlanner, the care manager takes notes, makes recommendations, and takes advantage of all the features available in CarePlanner while at the patient site, the hospital, en route to an appointment, or at home. After making the rounds, the care manager synchronizes CarePlanner Remote with the MCO's CarePlanner database.

Integrated Medical Management (IMM) is both a vision and product solution born out of the health care industry's need to unite disparate, best-of-breed care management systems into a single, holistic solution. The goals are to handle information more efficiently, and apply rules more consistently throughout the medical management decision-making process, and to recognize and leverage the interdependencies of care management, analytics, and transaction/authorization systems. The result is higher quality health care at lower costs.

MEDecision's IMM software platform fuses best-of-breed applications in Analytics and Disease Management, Advanced Medical Management, and Transactioning and Automated Authorizations. MCOs use the resulting solution to identify high risk, high cost members' diseases and conditions, which then automatically feed the programme needed to improve patient care and optimize costs.

Further, MEDecision's IMM automates health care transactions between MCOs and providers, thereby allowing the automated systems to focus on costs and allowing the professionals to focus on outcome, while driving a consistent clinical philosophy throughout the care management process.

MEDecision is a software and services provider of integrated care management solutions. Founded in 1988, the company specializes in linking patients, providers and payers in an information network to improve overall health outcomes and reduce costs. MEDecision's software products are being used by more than 50 managed care organisations to improve the quality of health care and reduce both administrative and unnecessary clinical costs for approximately one in every seven Americans with health insurance.

Leslie Versweyveld

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