Lutheran Medical Center awards messaging contract to Aquis Communications

Parsippany 21 October 2003Lutheran Medical Center has chosen Aquis Communications Group Inc. to supply 500 messaging and wireless devices to employees based throughout the 476-bed hospital located in Brooklyn, New York. Personnel ranging from doctors and nurses to administrative and support personnel will be equipped with the messaging devices to speed communications related to late-breaking health care, security and maintenance issues.


Initial installation of the wireless communications network, which began in late August, was completed in September. Under the three-year agreement with Lutheran Medical Center, Aquis will provide the health care provider with a mix of digital and alphanumeric messaging, consulting and telecommunications services, as well as two transmitter back-up systems.

"It is imperative that hospitals have a reliable, discreet, timely and cost-effective means of communication", stated John Alexander, Aquis' Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Wireless messaging continues to play an integral communications role within the health care industry. The service delivers important information directly to the user devices, which facilitates quick responses and mobilization efforts during emergencies and crisis situations."

"We are extremely happy with the technical, engineering and sales support we have received from Aquis", added Jack Mazzola, director of communications at Lutheran Medical Center. "The company and technology have met all our demands for quick, reliable messaging services. We are very demanding and Aquis has exceeded our expectations. Our personnel receives messages within seconds of being sent, which is especially important for everyone given the multitude of medical and facility-related issues we must deal with on a daily basis."

Lutheran Medical Center is the principal provider of community-focused health care for southwest Brooklyn and is the latest health care customer to partner with Aquis. The Aquis service benefits to this industry as well as the emergency, public safety, government, education and manufacturing fields is the ability to reach essential personnel with discreet, cost-effective, timely and extremely reliable text and numeric messages. These messages are relayed consistently and reliably due to built-in transmission redundancies and overlapping signals that offer high degrees of reliability when tailored to the customer's physical and geographic requirements.

Headquartered in New Jersey, Aquis Wireless Communications Inc. is a subsidiary of Aquis Communications Group Inc. Aquis is a provider of one-way and two-way interactive messaging as well as regional and local messaging services. The company's client list consists of Fortune 500, government agencies as well as small to mid-sized companies and organisations representing the manufacturing, health care, government, public safety, emergency and educational industries based throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Additional Aquis Communications' offices are located in Freehold, New Jersey, and Tyson's Corner, Virginia.

Leslie Versweyveld

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