AccuImage signs diagnostic image software distribution agreement with SMAART Medical Systems

San Francisco 07 October 2003AccuImage Inc., a global expert in providing digital image software and related workstations to the medical industry, has signed an agreement with SMAART Medical Systems for the worldwide distribution of its portfolio of systems and diagnostic image software. SMAART Medical Systems Inc., a Dallas-based company, was formed for the specific business purpose of distributing diagnostic image software.


SMAART plans to offer the AccuImage software under its "Pay-To-Use" plan. Under the plan SMAART will rent a workstation to the hospital, clinic or physician and allow the users to select specific diagnostic image software needed for their practice or procedures. The customer then pays a fee each time it uses the diagnostic image software. The customer only gets the software it needs, and it only pays when it uses that software.

"It is time for the universal and economic access to diagnostic image software", stated Dr. Allen Wall, Interim CEO of AccuImage. "With no capital investment required, the SMAART business plan will allow any diagnostic image centre, regardless of size or location, to receive the diagnostic advantages and capabilities of the AccuImage software."

"There is no question that the AccuImage portfolio of diagnostic image software is without peer", stated G. Ray Miller, CEO of SMAART. "Our initial research in the diagnostic image software industry", Mr. Miller added, "led us to the unique diagnostic and multi-discipline capabilities of the AccuImage software. However of equal importance was the architectural structure of the software, which allows SMAART to unbundle the diagnostic specific software."

The SMAART workstations are rented to the customer and connect to their CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Angiography, Cardiac Catherization, Ultrasound and CR/DR X-Ray modalities. The SMAART workstation receives the images and datasets where the technologist or radiologist may perform the required post-processing of the images and datasets. The images can then be sent through to a remote location or to archive for later review.

AccuImage is engaged in the development, marketing and support of software for visualization, analysis and management of medical imaging data, particularly in support of the rapidly growing market for expanded applications of CT scanning. The software brings value by reducing the time the physician needs for reviewing and reporting cases, enhancing the interpretation of studies, and providing 3D images for marketing, promotion and patient information.

Efficiency gains and cost savings are realized through automated reporting tools incorporating expert knowledge, and by providing hardware and software for distribution of the images and reports via internal networks as well as Internet transmission to remote locations, to referring physicians and to patients. The company has expanded its markets by creating unique products for digital radiography, by the offer of innovative obsolescence protection packages, and by expanding its line of report generation software.

Leslie Versweyveld

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