GE Medical Systems introduces AutoBone software for the Advantage Workstation

Waukesha 18 November 2003GE Medical Systems has introduced AutoBone, the latest in its innovative suite of clinical applications. AutoBone uncovers a vascular "roadmap" by allowing clinicians to remove the bone structure from diagnostic images. The removal of these high-density, bony barriers reveals blood vessels that are otherwise hidden in traditional imaging views. This optimizes surgical pathways with more precise information to allow for less-invasive clinical procedures and increased diagnostic confidence.


"The automatic bone segmentation feature is a major advancement in the area of clinical diagnosis", stated Larry Tanenbaum, M.D., Edison Imaging Associates. "It improves vessel visualization particularly below the knee on run-off Computed Tomographic Angiography (CTA) studies. AutoBone's single-touch functionality is a huge boost to rendering accuracy and efficiency."

AutoBone software provides automated bone removal imaging from CTA studies for the abdomen and lower extremities. With one click, bony structures can be removed and then restored to create the transparent roadmap. "Clinicians have the flexibility to see as much or as little of the transparent bone as they like, and save hours of manual segmentation", stated Jennifer Dible, General Manager, Advantage Workstation, GE Medical Systems.

"AutoBone has become an essential tool in our practice for CTA examinations, especially run-off cases", stated Jean-Louis Sablayrolles, M.D., Centre Cardiologique du Nord, France. "We use it routinely in conjunction with the AutoSelect feature for Quality Control and Advanced Vessel Analysis software for stenosis measurements. Thanks to AutoBone, total examination time from acquisition to reporting, has been drastically reduced to less than 15 minutes while providing accurate diagnosis information for therapy."

Precise image resolution and faster gantry rotation speeds have set the stage for routine CTA in the clinical environment, especially with the help of AutoBone. And with GE's dedication to customer support, existing Advantage Workstations can be affordably upgraded to accommodate AutoBone. The Advantage Workstation platform is inherently scalable, designed to adapt to technology improvements in the future.

The Advantage Workstation and its suite of Advanced Clinical Applications is widely recognized as a productivity enhancement tool. It has the computational power and innovative software algorithms to quadruple the work flow speed of 1000+ image studies compared to earlier systems. GE Medical offers the widest selection of advanced applications for CT, MR, PET, XR, Oncology and Cardiology.

To further support enterprise-wide imaging solutions, integration work between the Centricity PACS and Advantage Workstation is being demonstrated as a works in progress at the 2003 RSNA in Chicago. Utilizing the Centricity PACS work list to drive work flow, radiologists and other clinical users will take full advantage of the rich clinical features of Advantage Workstation without leaving the PACS viewing context. The server-based technology will distribute the clinical power of Advantage Workstation to the diagnostic PACS workstations and will allow multiple users to access these Advantage Workstation tools simultaneously.

GE Medical Systems is a $10 billion global expert in medical imaging, interventional procedures, health care services, and information technology. Its offerings include networking and productivity tools, clinical information systems, patient monitoring systems, surgery and vascular imaging, conventional and digital X-ray, computed tomography, electron beam, tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasound and bone mineral densitometry, positron emission tomography, nuclear medicine, and a comprehensive portfolio of clinical and business services. For more than 100 years, health care providers worldwide have relied on GE Medical Systems for high quality medical technology and productivity solutions.

Leslie Versweyveld

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