Fortress Technologies secures PocketMD's handheld software for point-of-care patient data

Tampa 11 November 2003PocketMD is using AirFortress products, developed by Fortress Technologies, to secure applications used to access patient records and medical references through mobile handheld devices. This system enables health care professionals making rounds to display sensitive patient information through a Fortress-secured wireless LAN that authenticates access at the network, device and user levels to uphold patient privacy.


"Hospitals are increasingly embracing wireless technology applications to improve patient care", stated Shawn Ilg, Chief Operating Officer at PocketMD. "By maintaining a secure network infrastructure through Fortress Technologies, we are able to deliver data securely and efficiently over handhelds. We selected Fortress because they offer a trusted security solution to mobilize these wireless devices on a secure platform that allows physicians to provide improved bedside service."

Developing medical applications on Microsoft Pocket PC 2003, PocketMD will ensure that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations are properly addressed in the implementation and support of their software. AirFortress will eliminate the opportunity for hackers to intercept important network data, view internal network addresses or interrupt availability through denial-of-service attacks using Layer 2 encryption and its unique Three-Factor Authentication approach.

The relationship with PocketMD is indicative of Fortress' wireless security reliability and its understanding of the health care industry's needs including implementing security to meet federal regulations like HIPAA. "PocketMD has made significant inroads in the health care market with its implementation of wireless applications and devices", stated Ken Evans, VP of Marketing and Product Management, Fortress Technologies. "We are excited to be associated with such a company and to jointly provide AirFortress products to ensure that PocketMD users can securely connect to hospital networks and access sensitive patient data."

Fortress' experience serving the health care market includes large-scale deployments with the Department of Veterans Affairs as well as Carolinas HealthCare, Tampa General Hospital, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and others. Fortress Technologies offers the most flexible and market-proven security products that address the inherent risks and vulnerabilities of 802.11 and other wireless networks.

The company's flagship AirFortress product offers a trusted and easy-to-use security solution that ensures the business integrity demanded by global 1000 companies, government agencies and health care organisations. AirFortress was the first product to meet the United States government's rigorous standards for wireless network security, certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) and the Department of Defense, among others.

PocketMD, specialised in development, delivery and support of mobile database management, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of health care and the effectiveness of health care providers. PocketMD develops, markets and sells handheld health care software programmes and networking systems, which enable a simplified, yet sophisticated real-time mobile patient database management system. Products combine the most advanced technology with exceptional ease-of-use, and they are backed with extra-ordinary customer service.

PocketMD has partnered with some of the best networking and health care professionals to make sure its products and services will allow the company to become market leader in mobilizing health care. PocketMD was founded by a doctor to meet the needs of health care providers all around the globe.

Leslie Versweyveld

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