Integrated Surgical Systems develops orthopaedic surgical planning software for integration into Fuji Synapse system

Davis 24 November 2003Integrated Surgical Systems Inc. (ISS), a pioneer in medical robotics and an expert in image-directed, semi-autonomous robotic products for surgical applications, has signed an agreement with FUJIFILM Medical Systems, USA for the development of a 2D/3D orthopaedic surgical planning software system which will be integrated into Fuji's Synapse System. Fuji will market it to its Synapse customers worldwide once available.


"Synapse is Fuji's Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), a digital network system for hospitals and their satellites to transfer patient images and related information throughout an entire hospital network. Many hospitals are in the process of investing in systems that will reduce or eliminate the use of films and are providing orthopaedic surgeons and other specialities with patient images in a digital mode only. The necessity to plan orthopaedic surgeries without the use of film has created the opportunity for this product", commented Dr. Ramesh Trivedi, President and CEO of Integrated Surgical Systems.

"Under this joint development agreement, ISS will use its proprietary, FDA cleared, 3D planning software technology and develop a 2D and 3D Orthopaedic Surgical Planning Software which will be jointly integrated by ISS and Fuji into the Synapse system. This will allow orthopaedic surgeons whether in hospitals or at remote sites to plan their surgeries in the traditional 2D mode and/or, if desired, more precisely and accurately in the advanced 3D mode", added Dr. Trivedi.

Commenting on this agreement, Mr. Clay Larsen, Vice President of Marketing and Network Development at FUJIFILM, stated: "As a specialist in the digital transformation in radiology, we needed to look for partners with equal expertise in those clinical areas affected by a filmless conversion. The extensive experience ISS has in the area of surgical planning and multi-vendor prosthetic libraries for orthopaedics is important to us as this is typically the largest referral base for radiology. Mr. Larsen added: "We are also working with ISS to pursue opportunities to market their current FDA cleared 3D planning software as well."

Integrated Surgical Systems designs, manufactures, sells and services image-directed, computer controlled robotic products for use in orthopaedic and neurosurgical procedures. The ROBODOC Surgical Assistant System is the world's leading robotic system for hip and knee replacement surgery. NeuroMate, the company's neurosurgery system, is the first robotic technology based system for use in stereotactic brain surgery.

Leslie Versweyveld

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