Mission Hospital chooses Perfigo for network protection and HIPAA compliance

San Francisco 27 October 2003The SecureSmart solution, developed by Perfigo Inc., an innovative provider of integrated, software-based wireless LAN (WLAN) security and management solutions, has been selected by Mission Hospital in Mission, Texas to secure and manage both its wired and wireless local area networks. Mission Hospital's top evaluation criteria were roles-based authentication, compliance with the privacy and security requirements mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, and the ability to manage both wireless and wireline networks from a central location.


"Our doctors and nurses needed bedside access to the patient information located in our wired LAN, and our patients wanted wireless access to the Internet", stated John Willars, MIS Director & HIPAA Security Officer at Mission Hospital. "This meant we had two critical security requirements ensuring that the patient data is kept confidential and encrypted over-the-air, and enabling specific levels of access for each user, so that authorized personnel possess full access to the network while guests can access only the Internet. Perfigo SecureSmart gives us the security we need to meet the government's requirements, and the flexibility we need to meet customer requests."

Mission Hospital is a not-for-profit, 138-bed general hospital on the Texas-Mexican border that provides health care services to citizens of Mission and Western Hidalgo County. To accommodate the increasing demands from a growing community, Mr. Willars installed a Windows authentication server that supports all of Mission Hospital physicians' laptops, enabling them to access patient data stored in the corporate network over a secure, encrypted link. In contrast, visitors and patients who enter the hospital can only access the Internet.

"Mission Hospital is to be commended for optimizing its network to allow patients and their visitors to access the Internet", stated Rohit Khetrapal, Perfigo president. "Now, patients can jump onto the Internet from their hospital rooms, much like they can turn on their television, while ensuring confidential data is not compromised. It's one more step the hospital is taking to further improve patient comfort and convenience in an environment that can be very stressful."

Perfigo SecureSmart is a software-based solution that integrates the security and management of users and devices for 802.11 WLAN deployments. SecureSmart's security services and management features combine to provide unprecedented levels of control and flexibility for securing and managing heterogeneous WLAN environments.

SecureSmart combines the functions of firewall, IPSEC, virtual private network (VPN), Denial of Service (DOS) attack protection, virus and worm protection, authentication proxy, Access Point (AP) management, rogue AP detection/location, identity/role-based user management, and SNMP master agent functionality into a scalable and centrally deployable solution.

Perfigo Inc. is an innovative provider of solutions for securing and managing wireless LANs (WLANs). As the first to combine a software-based "virtual appliance" with centralized capabilities for integrating security, user management, and device management, Perfigo provides a seamless solution that reduces costs, complexity, and risk in today's rapidly evolving WLAN environments. Perfigo is providing enterprises, universities, hospitals, and wireless carriers around the world with the ability to protect their networks, consistently manage and enforce security policies, and detect and prevent rogue access points with a single, easy-to-use system.

Leslie Versweyveld

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