Trestle delivers MedMicro telepathology tool to cancer researcher Bostwick Laboratories and its Medreach telemedicine solution to University of Louisville

Newport Beach 15 January 2004Trestle Holdings Inc., a supplier of tissue imaging and network medicine applications, has secured a new contract to provide its MedMicro telepathology product to Richmond, Virginia-based, Bostwick Laboratories, a private anatomic pathology reference laboratory. In addition, the company has installed its telemedicine product, MedReach, at the Department of Paediatrics of the University of Louisville (UOL) School of Medicine. The Department of Paediatrics consists of nearly 100 full-time faculty members representing the full-range of paediatric subspeciality services.


Bostwick Laboratories' mission is to help physicians and patients in making informed treatment decisions when faced with the diagnosis of cancer and other urologic diseases by providing technical and scientific expertise. The laboratory also renders second opinions on challenging cases referred by physicians and patients from around the world. Bostwick Laboratories focuses on the diagnosis of cancer of the urologic organs with special interest in prostate cancer.

The company's MedMicro product connects Bostwick's lab microscopes to the Internet, allowing Bostwick laboratories to interactively view and navigate slides from any similarly configured global location. MedMicro works with existing equipment over a standard Internet connection and supports the process of swift analysis for patient diagnosis.

Dr. David G. Bostwick, M.D., medical director, Bostwick Laboratories, stated: "We are pleased to join with other pathology groups such as the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, University of Maryland, and many others in incorporating the time-tested Trestle telepathology system into our practice."

Using the company's telemedicine product, MedReach, patients at T.J. Samson Community Hospital located in Glasgow, Kentucky, and affiliated with the University of Louisville, will now have access to paediatric speciality care without having to drive 100 miles to Louisville. MedReach provides real-time integrated medical data sharing among physicians and patients while enabling the remote examination, diagnosis, and treatment of patients.

Dr. Gerard Rabalais, chief of infectious disease and vice chairman for administrative affairs, Department of Pediatrics, UOL, stated: "We are delighted to make this new state-of-the-art telemedicine service available to our colleagues in Glasgow, and wish to thank the Louisville-based Crusade for Children for providing the funding for this innovative project."

Additionally, UOL is utilizing MedReach as part of their residency programme at T.J. Samson Family Medicine Center, also located in Glasgow, to prepare residents with resources that will enable them to excel in their individual practices. According to Dr. R. Brent Wright, residency programme director, UOL/Glasgow Family Medicine Residency, "a big issue in Kentucky is finding physicians who are willing to build their practices in medically underserved areas. Recruiting and relocating a physician is a time consuming and costly undertaking. The hope of telemedicine is that populations with minimal to absent health care can receive an improved quality of life through technology."

Trestle Holdings Inc. develops and sells digital imaging and telemedicine applications to the life sciences markets. The company's products, MedReach, MedMicro and MedScan, link dispersed users with each other, information databases, and analytical tools. This improved integration drives cost savings and process efficiencies, enables new collaboration and data analysis methods, improves the pre-clinical and clinical phases of research and development for new drugs, and enhances patient care.

Trestle's digital imaging products, MedMicro and MedScan, have the potential to transform the pathologist work environment by capturing digital images of tissue samples and enabling the sharing, archiving, and analysis of these images. MedMicro, the company's live microscopy product, allows multiple physicians and scientists to remotely view, navigate, and share high fidelity microscope images at sub-micron resolution over standard Internet connections in real time.

MedScan, the company's second generation imaging product, performs high-speed whole glass slide digitization. MedScan facilitates image analysis, data management, digital work flow and data association applications for clinical and research customers. For example, for pharmaceutical companies, MedScan enables improvements to the pre-clinical and clinical phases of research and development through better capture, management and analysis of tissue sample information. More information about Trestle is available in the VMW January 2004 article Maine Health Alliance extends access to health care in rural Maine using Trestle telemedicine products.

Leslie Versweyveld

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