Entelos to develop haematology model for Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Foster City 13 January 2004Entelos Inc., an expert in the emerging field of systems biology, will develop a haematology model for Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development L.L.C. (J&JPRD). In addition, Entelos will conduct an in silico research programme upon completion of the model to support clinical development and Phase IV clinical trial design.


Entelos will use its proprietary PhysioLab technology to build a fully functional model in just months. The resulting systems biology platform will support a broad range of research objectives of J&JPRD as they relate to Ortho Biotech Products, L.P. and Janssen-Cilag products PROCRIT and EPREX.

PhysioLab platforms encompass dynamic, large mathematical models of human pathophysiology that can rapidly simulate experiments and clinical trials related to human disease. Entelos has already modelled organ, tissue, and cell-to-cell interaction to represent numerous diseases by employing a top-down modelling discipline, which incorporates broad systems biology principles.

"Entelos is extremely pleased to announce this latest research collaboration with J&JPRD", stated James Karis, President and CEO of Entelos Inc. "With the initiation of this programme, we are expanding our capability to support the predictive biosimulation and systems biology needs of our partners. Our advances within both the PhysioLab technology and our methodologies to in silico modelling, permit us now to rapidly develop model systems to meet the specific research requirements of our partners. Within a few months of initiating discussions with J&JPRD on this project, we will deliver a comprehensive, functional, predictive model system capable of supporting their development and post-marketing efforts. We are pleased that J&JPRD continues to have confidence in our science and continues to gain value from our research."

Entelos Inc. is revolutionizing pharmaceutical R&D by employing disease level system biology technologies to identify and validate targets, biomarkers and compounds for human efficacy. The breakthrough PhysioLab systems biology platforms employ sophisticated mathematical models to integrate information from diverse scientific and clinical sources to represent the complex and dynamic relationships within human biological networks.

Entelos' primary mission is to increase the efficiency of pharmaceutical research and development and to expedite proprietary human therapeutics to the market. The company has multiple PhysioLab platforms in immunology and metabolism and is currently developing new platforms in cardiovascular, CNS and oncology. More Entelos news can be read in the VMW August 2003 article Entelos and MIT to study causes of immune and inflammatory diseases.

Leslie Versweyveld

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