Computer Programs and Systems' fully integrated PACS, ImageLink successfully implemented at three hospitals

Mobile 22 January 2004Computer Programs and Systems Inc. (CPSI), a provider of health care information solutions, successfully implemented the ImageLink Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) at three of its client hospitals. Shelby Memorial Hospital, located in Shelbyville, Illinois; Sweetwater Hospital, located in Sweetwater, Tennessee; and Cary Medical Center, located in Caribou, Maine, have each installed the full featured, DICOM-compliant medical image viewing, storage, and communications system. The ImageLink product has been designed and developed entirely by CPSI in order to continue to meet the challenges faced by today's community health care provider.


Patrick Immel, Vice President of Information Technology Services for CPSI, noted: "Our decision to develop our own PACS application rather than acquiring a third-party product or partnering with an existing PACS vendor is consistent with our historical product development strategy. This strategy gave us the opportunity to view ImageLink as an extension of our overall Hospital Information System (HIS) as opposed to a separate product. We believe the implementation of CPSI's ImageLink product represents the first PACS developed by an HIS vendor that was built from its inception to be fully integrated with not only the Radiology Information System (RIS) application, but also the complete HIS."

"In addition, and just as importantly, it will add diagnostic images to our existing electronic medical record product, ChartLink, allowing all physicians involved in a patient's care, including radiologists, family physicians, consultative physicians, and surgeons, to have real time electronic access to the entire patient's chart via the Internet", stated Mr. Immel.

ImageLink has been designed to fit seamlessly into the CPSI HIS infrastructure. Scheduling, demographic, order, and medical records data are shared real-time between the HIS and the PACS module to provide instantaneous, accurate information. For example, the moment a visit is scheduled through CPSI's Enterprise Wide Scheduling (EWS) application, the ImageLink worklist is updated to reflect the newly scheduled visit. Any change in patient, procedure or schedule status within the HIS is immediately available within ImageLink. For clinical diagnostics and decision making, radiologists have access not only to the current image along with on-line notes and voice clips, but are presented with historical images and their related reports.

"The development of our own PACS allows us to offer our client hospitals an imaging application that provides comprehensive functionality while still being cost effective", stated Scott Schneider, CPSI's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "The integration of the product means the hospitals don't have to contend with the technical or cost issues associated with interfacing a stand-alone PACS. This is especially important for community hospitals, our target market."

"ROI is an important consideration with any technology investment for the community health care provider", stated Marilyn Sears, Chief Financial Officer for Shelby Memorial Hospital in Shelbyville, Illinois. "Although most hospitals agree that PACS is an outstanding investment, we believe the level of integration provided by the ImageLink product will create significant cost-savings leverage for Shelby Memorial in not just hard dollar expenditures, but soft dollar costs as well."

Dr. Craig Cheney, Chief Radiologist for Shelby Memorial, remarked: "The ImageLink viewer provides an array of tools to support diagnostic decision making. I can have it automatically hang related historical studies according to my personal preferences. Then, while reviewing historical studies I can view the associated report on-line with a single mouse click, without ever leaving ImageLink. Everything is right there in one application. Immediate image acquisition and manipulation throughout the hospital by both the radiologist and referring clinician will lead to improved patient care."

CPSI is a provider of health care information solutions for community hospitals with more than 480 client hospitals in 45 states. Founded in 1979, the Company is a single-source vendor providing comprehensive software and hardware products, complemented by complete installation services and extensive support. Its fully integrated, enterprise-wide system automates clinical and financial data management in each of the primary functional areas of a hospital. CPSI's staff of over 650 technical, health care, and medical professionals provide system implementation and continuing support services as part of a comprehensive programme designed to respond to clients' information needs in a constantly changing health care environment.

Leslie Versweyveld

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