MobiHealth forms strategic partnerships with RxHub and SureScripts for safer electronic prescribing

Arlington 17 February 2004MobiHealth Inc., a health care technology solutions provider offering health care organisations and practitioners a suite of mobile applications to enhance health care delivery at the point-of-care, signed a strategic partnership with RxHub to provide clients with an electronic prescribing capability and easy access to relevant clinical patient information. The company also established a partnership with SureScripts to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of the overall prescribing process making it easier for physicians' offices and medical facilities to send prescription to pharmacists electronically.


"We are very pleased to announce our partnership with RxHub", stated Gene Poole, MobiHealth's director of sales and marketing. "The partnership between MobiHealth and RxHub is a positive step to reduce medication errors and ensure patient safety."

At the core of the new mobile solution is MobiHealth's m-Health suite of products which is designed to empower health care practitioners with the latest technology to streamline operations, reduce cost and comply with regulatory requirements. MobiHealth's m-Rx application eliminates the need for time consuming activities by placing an intuitive prescription writer and Prescription Drug Reference in the physician's hand.

Physicians can prescribe and electronically route, fax and print prescriptions directly from the exam room. Combined with RxHub's applications, the m-Health suite will electronically deliver patient-specific drug benefit information to physicians, so that the prescriber can quickly and easily create a formulary-complaint prescription and transfer that prescription directly from the prescriber to the pharmacy of the patient's choice.

"The momentum in the marketplace is clearly accelerating", stated Jim Bradley, CEO RxHub. "Patient safety with medication error reduction has become a national focus. We are proud to be partnering with technology companies that will provide physicians access to real-time patient information, thus moving this national agenda forward." The electronic communication between physicians and pharmacists will make the electronic exchange of prescription information a reality.

In addition, SureScripts, which is at the forefront of a growing movement to harness technology to improve the safety and quality of prescribing, has completed an agreement with MobiHealth and two other technology vendors: MDanywhere, an emerging health care solutions provider using Web-based and mobile technologies to enhance productivity, safety and efficiency in health care delivery, and MedicWare, which helps physicians increase profitability, improve efficiency and enhance patient care with innovative and user-friendly electronic medical records software and other services.

"Today, 50 percent of the United States' retail pharmacies have completed the certification process to connect to SureScripts Messenger Services and are at various stages of making the capability available to their pharmacy clients", stated Kevin Hutchinson, SureScripts' president and CEO. "MDanywhere, MobiHealth and MedicWare will embark on a similar process."

Pharmacies and physicians are already exchanging prescription information electronically via SureScripts' network in Rhode Island, Virginia, Maryland and California. Massachusetts, Ohio, New York and North Carolina are next.

SureScripts is committed to improving the prescribing process by promoting and facilitating the widespread adoption of electronic prescribing by providing true electronic connectivity between pharmacists and physicians. Working with the nation's premier health care technology vendors, SureScripts is creating an open and secure system that is compatible with all major physician technologies and pharmacy software systems.

SureScripts Messenger Services links physician office technology and established pharmacy software to facilitate the secure electronic transmission of patients' prescription information between physician practices and pharmacies. More than 75 percent of the nation's chain and independent community pharmacies have endorsed SureScripts and are committed to utilizing SureScripts Messenger Services as their gateway for electronic prescription communications.

MobiHealth Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. MobiHealth is exclusively focused on the wireless health care space, offering health care organisations a suite of mobile applications that enhance health care delivery at the point-of-care.

Leslie Versweyveld

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