SurroMed delivers biomarker data in interactive Posters from Spotfire

Somerville 17 February 2004SurroMed is using Spotfire DecisionSite Posters as its biomarker discovery analysis platform for collaboration with its partners and customers to speed development of new "personalized medicines". DecisionSite Posters is an easy-to-use Web application that enables sharing of live visual analysis of biomarker identification data between SurroMed and its partners and customers securely over the Internet.


Biomarkers are biochemical indicators in blood and other biological samples that enable more efficient discovery and development of new therapeutics, as well as development of diagnostic tests for early disease detection, accurately determining disease sub-types, and predicting and monitoring responses to therapy.

SurroMed provides biomarker-enabled drug discovery services to the world's leading drug and biotechnology companies and research institutes. With its new Spotfire-enabled SurroStat service, SurroMed can now offer its partners and customers a secure, collaborative environment for sharing live data and the analytical results from their biomarker discovery projects, regardless of their physical location.

The engine behind the new Web-based service is Spotfire's DecisionSite Posters. Requiring only a Web browser, Posters delivers data sets and experimental results directly within interactive analysis sessions that are published on-line and shared interactively between SurroMed and its partners and customers.

SurroMed profiles and analyses thousands of immune cell populations, proteins and organic molecules in small volumes of blood and other biological samples using proteomics, metabolomics and cytometry. With DecisionSite Posters, SurroMed researchers can capture analysis findings and distribute them to partners and customers electronically, while posting them in a secure, collaborative virtual research Poster Library. From the SurroStat Poster, everyone involved can dynamically interact, filter and drill down into the biomarker analysis results, adding comments, questions and expert insight along the way.

"We used to deliver static reports to our partners and customers. Now, all the important analytical findings including results, questions, hypotheses and decisions, are captured into an interactive Web-based Poster that can be distributed, shared, and annotated integrating the biomarker analysis data with the equally important domain expertise", stated Keith Joho, Ph.D., SurroMed's vice president of informatics and bioanalytical operations. "Our new Posters-based Internet service is the fastest, most productive way to make analytic decisions from the biomarker data."

"Drug discovery is a high throughput business. Consequently, the tight research relationship between SurroMed and its life sciences partners and customers depends on secure and fast two-way communication of analysis data and decisions", stated David Butler, Spotfire's vice president of product strategy and corporate marketing. "We see Posters as an ideal platform for sharing interactively experimental results or critical data sets across disciplines within a pharmaceutical company and between collaborative partners."

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, SurroMed is pioneering biomarker enabled drug discovery and development. The company focuses on discovering and applying biomarkers to improve the drug discovery and development process and enable the precise diagnosis and personalized treatment of disease. SurroMed's research process yields biological markers and information that enable accelerated, cost-efficient discovery and development of new therapeutic products, as well as development of diagnostic tests for early disease detection, disease staging, patient stratification, and guiding and monitoring therapy.

Spotfire Inc. provides Guided Analytic applications and services that empower extended enterprises and their end-users to make faster, more effective decisions. More than 600 Global 2000 customers from pharmaceutical, high tech manufacturing, oil and gas, consumer packaged goods, and academic markets, and over 30.000 users gain insights with Spotfire products worldwide. The company maintains United States headquarters in Somerville, Massachusetts, and European headquarters in Gøteborg, Sweden.

Leslie Versweyveld

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