Entelos enhances high-throughput systems biology platform for combinatoric analyses of virtual patients

Foster City 03 February 2004Entelos Inc., specialised in the emerging field of systems biology for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, has successfully developed a new software engine capable of tripling the speed at which simulation results can be generated from its high-throughput PhysioLab systems biology platforms. The simulation engine has already been successfully placed in PhysioLab platforms at one of Entelos' pharmaceutical partners.


PhysioLab systems biology platforms consist of two key elements, the biological model and the underlying software used to build, modify and conduct research in the models. In the mid-1990's, Entelos' founders undertook the development of proprietary software because existing commercial modelling packages could not manage the complexity of large-scale biological model systems. Since that time, the technology platform has continued to break new ground in biological modelling and human simulation resulting in the award of four software-related patents.

"We have significantly increased our computational capacity which in turn enables the rapid assessment of large scale combinatorics of many virtual patients under thousands of different experimental protocols", stated Tom Paterson, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, In Silico Methodologies and Practices at Entelos Inc. "This simulation engine will be instrumental to studying complex disease issues such as diabetes progression. We are advancing our in silico methodologies to take advantage of this increased speed. The combination of the new engine and our enhanced approach moves Entelos to a whole new level of in silico research. This achievement demonstrates why we remain at the cutting edge of systems biology and why we will continue to maximize our value to our partners."

The new software will make what is already a high-throughput capability even faster. In a recent collaboration, Entelos researched the clinical efficacy of multiple different therapeutic interventions on virtual patients who were placed on several different trial protocols. To explore the combinatorics of each therapeutic intervention on each virtual patient under the differing protocols, Entelos ran 96.000 experiments and generated over 18 million data points in 48 hours.

If this same research was performed today using the new simulation engine, the time to generate the data would be less than 16 hours. Entelos researchers regularly perform such complex analysis as part of their day-to-day collaboration efforts. This research is conducted across a number of therapeutic areas including obesity, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and asthma.

"A contributor to this success is Hewlett-Packard", stated Alex Bangs, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Entelos. "HP provided us with high-performance HP AlphaServer ES40 clusters running Tru64 UNIX. This new simulation engine was optimized to the AlphaServer and its performance has exceeded our expectations. Our IT team developed and implemented this software within six months start to finish. We are extremely pleased to be able to deliver this additional capability to our scientists, researchers and partners."

Entelos' PhysioLab platforms are dynamic, large-scale mathematical models of human pathophysiology that can rapidly simulate experiments and clinical trials related to human disease. Entelos has modelled organ, tissue, and cell-to-cell interaction to represent numerous diseases by employing a top-down modelling discipline which incorporates broad systems biology principles.

Entelos Inc. is revolutionizing pharmaceutical R&D by employing disease level system biology technologies to identify and validate targets, biomarkers and compounds for human efficacy. The breakthrough PhysioLab systems biology platforms employ sophisticated mathematical models to integrate information from diverse scientific and clinical sources to represent the complex and dynamic relationships within human biological networks.

Entelos' primary mission is to increase the efficiency of pharmaceutical research and development and to expedite proprietary human therapeutics to the market. The company has multiple PhysioLab platforms in immunology and metabolism and is currently developing new platforms in cardiovascular, CNS and oncology. More news on Entelos is available in the VMW February 2004 article Entelos to develop haematology model for Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development.

Leslie Versweyveld

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