Motion DNA to launch wireless motion-tracking tool for treating biomechanics related injuries

Scottsdale 23 February 2004Motion DNA Corporation has agreed to develop motion capture software with medically related, diagnostic capabilities for wireless hardware designed by InterSense Inc. of Burlington, Massachusetts. Once completed, the system will be the first of its kind allowing for completely mobile, diagnostic motion analysis of human movement.


"This is the product we set our sights on over six years ago, when we began research of the motion analysis industry", stated Zig Ziegler, Motion DNA Corporation president. "Half a dozen companies told us they were ready to launch the first completely wireless, real-time motion analysis hardware. InterSense is the first group that has put their money into developing a first-class product."

Initially, Jason Bodine, vice president of technology for Motion DNA Corporation and a team of software developers, will design software for a wireless prototype, using InterSense's Inertia Cube Two and a mini-computer from OQO Technology. The Inertia Cube Three, expected to be available early in the second quarter of 2004, is expected to operate using the same software developed for the IC-2 project. The product will move Motion DNA's diagnostic testing capabilities ahead by approximately 15 months.

"Our goal is to create a product that allows a medical professional to record precise physical data on a patient while performing any physical activity", stated Zig Ziegler. "Imagine an athlete who injures themself exercising, while wearing our analysis system as a training tool. The system could provide the treating professional with insight as to exactly what might have caused the problem." Motion DNA Corporation also expects its motion analysis tools to help employers and the legal system identify injured and non-injured workers in court cases, potentially saving billions of dollars in worker's compensation costs.

Motion DNA Corporation plans to demonstrate its wireless capabilities at two upcoming national conventions for sports and fitness clubs and physical therapists. Motion DNA plans to utilize the technology within its current group of services offered to medical professionals. In addition, the company will make low-cost versions of the hardware and software available for sale to sports teams, colleges, universities and medical facilities. The product cost is expected to be comparable to the cost of a high-quality personal computer. Motion DNA plans to make the systems available for purchase to thousands of medical facilities, becoming the x-ray machine of human motion.

Motion DNA Corporation provides diagnostic testing for medical professionals and sports organisations. The company's patented software and hardware systems have been used globally by some of the world's leading health care practitioners, biomechanical research institutions and professional sports agencies. Motion DNA's biomechanical analyses and detailed reports provide its customers and consumers with solutions for preventing injuries, identifying physical limitations, diagnosing pre-existing injuries related to biomechanics, and improving physical performance levels.

InterSense develops and markets motion-tracking products that enable users to interact with 3D computer-generated environments, literally bringing 3D to life. InterSense's unique technology tracks motion with an unmatched combination of size, cost and precision. Its users create products and applications that allow anyone, from product designers, computer and Internet game developers and players, to scientists, teachers and students, assembly line workers, and video and film production companies, to interact with virtual 3D images just as they do physical objects.

Leslie Versweyveld

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