Capsule Technologie, selected by Integriti Systems, Surgical Information Systems, and Eclipsys, now tops 250 supported medical devices

Paris 23 February 2004Integriti Systems, Surgical Information Systems (SIS), and Eclipsys' SunriseXA advanced clinical tool will integrate Capsule Technologie's DataCaptor solution to collect and manage medical device data in the integriti vital signs charting system, in the SIS peri-operative information system, and in the SunriseXA. The DataCaptor software for connecting bedside medical devices to clinical applications can now also interface with four Infrasonics/Tyco Healthcare paediatric ventilators, pushing the number of medical devices supported by DataCaptor to more than 250.


The integration of DataCaptor will allow the integriti vital signs charting system to quickly and easily collect, filter and manage data from almost any bedside medical device. Capsule Technologie's DataCaptor is a medical device connectivity engine that collects data from more than 250 supported medical devices and sends data to a host information system. Integriti Systems' vital signs charting system provides caregivers with the unique ability to collect accurate patient vital signs at the bedside and have this information instantly available to clinicians hospital-wide.

"Capsule Technologie's DataCaptor provides the universal connectivity foundation for our integriti vital signs charting system", stated Patrick S. Jensen, president of Integriti Systems. "Our customers will benefit from DataCaptor's instant connectivity to an extensive library of bedside monitors, ventilators and infusion pumps."

"Together, integriti and DataCaptor will result in more accurate data for health care providers, less paperwork, and immediate enterprise-wide access to important patient information", stated Capsule Technologie CEO Arnaud Houette. "Our goal is to improve patient care through improved work flow, reduced errors, and greater access to information."

Integriti is specifically focused on delivering comprehensive, non-invasive monitoring in a variety of care settings where patient care routinely includes vital signs charting and electronic record keeping. Integriti supports HL7 and can be integrated into any compatible HIS system.

For Surgical Information Systems, the integration of DataCaptor will allow the SIS surgery management system to quickly and easily collect, filter and manage data from an extensive range of bedside medical devices. SIS offers health care providers a comprehensive automated solution for effectively managing the entire peri-operative case.

"Integrating the DataCaptor connectivity engine will allow us to offer our customers instant connectivity to an extensive library of bedside monitors, ventilators and infusion pumps, with the ability for Capsule Technologie to develop new interfaces as we need them", stated Richard L. Jackson, president and CEO of Surgical Information Systems. The integration of Data Captor allows SIS to provide a single integrated solution for point of care documentation for nursing and anaesthesia care givers.

"The combination of Surgical Information Systems' number one-ranked peri-operative information system and the DataCaptor connectivity engine will result in a more comprehensive electronic patient record", stated Arnaud Houette. "Ultimately, collecting and managing data from bedside medial devices will help improve patient safety in the OR."

Surgical Information Systems provides the most comprehensive integrated suite of modules focused specifically on the OR to supply clinicians and administrators with all the clinical and financial data relative to every surgical case. The system includes modules for case and staff scheduling, materials management, rules-based charging, and clinical documentation for pre-admission testing (PAT) through post-anaesthesia care unit (PACU). Other modules include automated surgeon's operative notes, and SIS PACS, which allows secure access to diagnostic images and videos from anywhere via the Internet.

The company's StatCom-O.R. is a work flow communications tool that tracks the surgery department's most important assets including patients, beds, staff and equipment. Together, the system enables health care professionals to provide the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost. The Surgical Information Systems product utilizes an open architecture and a Microsoft Windows- or Unix-based operating system that is tied into an Oracle database.

The integration of DataCaptor with SunriseXA will enable the Eclipsys clinical information system to quickly and easily collect, filter and manage data from an extensive range of bedside medical devices. Eclipsys will market the medical device connectivity engine as the SunriseXA Device Gateway.

"After reviewing several options for medical device connectivity, we chose to integrate Capsule Technologie's DataCaptor because of its extensive library of device interfaces and powerful connectivity engine", stated Michael Kaufman, executive vice president of Business Initiatives for Eclipsys. "DataCaptor fills a strategic niche for Eclipsys, giving us the ability to provide our customers the broad connectivity they require."

"The combination of the advanced features of SunriseXA and DataCaptor's generic connectivity will give Eclipsys' customers superior access to essential patient data", stated Arnaud Houette. "Together, Eclipsys and Capsule Technologie will improve patient safety and help health systems meet operational and financial challenges by providing Eclipsys customers an integrated and complete patient record."

Eclipsys is a provider of advanced clinical, financial and management information software and service solutions to more than 1500 health care facilities. Eclipsys empowers health care organisations to improve patient safety, revenue cycle management and operational efficiency through innovative information solutions.

Capsule Technologie has now released updated DataCaptor Device Interfaces (DDIs) that support several Graseby and Nellcor devices, as well as a new DDI that enables clinical applications to communicate with the Infrasonics Infant Star, and Infant Star 500, 950 and 950+ paediatric ventilators. DataCaptor at present includes support for a total of 251 diverse bedside medical devices produced by the industry's leading manufacturers.

"With more than 250 interfaces to bedside devices, Capsule Technologie is proving that we can interface whatever devices hospitals ask us to interface", stated Arnaud Houette. "With installations in the United States and the European Union, on sites with up to several hundred beds, DataCaptor proves that it can provide a data collection solution for patient vital signs for almost each and every case, whatever the Clinical Information System in place is."

Users can download a full-function version of DataCaptor 4.4 and evaluate it for free for 30 days by visiting the Capsule Technologie Web site. Capsule Technologie's flagship product DataCaptor provides an interface between stand-alone and/or networked medical devices and clinical/hospital information systems. DataCaptor digitally collects, decodes and distributes all the medical data that is made available at the digital communication port of medical devices from manufacturers around the world. With built-in support for more than 250 diverse medical devices, DataCaptor includes the largest library of medical device interfaces available. Capsule Technologie is ISO9001 certified and DataCaptor is FDA 510(k) cleared.

Leslie Versweyveld

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