Unisys helps transform El Camino Hospital into the smart hospital of Silicon Valley

Blue Bell 24 February 2004El Camino Hospital has chosen two ES7000 servers from Unisys Corporation to simplify its datacentre and help meet its goal to become the "smart hospital of Silicon Valley", equipped with the latest technology to improve patient safety, enhance services and lower costs. An independent community hospital located in Silicon Valley, El Camino is a technology leader, renowned for being the first hospital in the world to implement a computerized physician order-entry system (CPOE), which helps to significantly reduce prescribing and transcription errors.


El Camino Hospital employs a variety of technologies, including a bedside drug bar-coding system, automated pharmaceutical and supply replenishment, CPOE, and voice-activated wireless communication devices, all of which facilitate the reduction of medication errors, improve patient safety, and increase patient satisfaction and revenue. The new partnership with Unisys provides El Camino with a strong infrastructure to enable the efficient operation of the patient safety technologies.

El Camino Hospital will consolidate the workload of 50 to 75 two-way and four-way commodity servers onto two ES7000 550 servers. The ES7000 servers will also allow the hospital to manage a variety of applications, including PeopleSoft, SoftMed health care information software, and Sun Clinical data warehousing software, from a single source. By consolidating its datacentre, El Camino will maximize the efficiency and profitability of its IT infrastructure, ease management responsibilities and reduce administration costs.

Eclipsys, the independent software vendor hosting the hospital's medical applications, facilitated the partnership between El Camino and Unisys. Eclipsys compared the products offered by Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Unisys. Ultimately, Unisys became the clear choice because of the flexibility and expandability of the ES7000 architecture. The hospital currently uses two 16-way systems and has plans to quickly expand them into 32-way systems to coincide with the hospital's growing needs.

"We chose the Unisys ES7000 to guarantee the highest levels of performance for our complex technical infrastructure", stated Mark Zielazinski, CIO of El Camino Hospital. "Maximized performance provides greater server and network availability, resulting in better response times and increased patient satisfaction. We can also reduce our administration costs by streamlining our partner relationships."

El Camino Hospital will divide each of its 16-way servers into three hardware partitions to segregate major application groups. However, the servers will also run multiple applications in each partition in order to minimize administration and costs associated with various operating systems. Three Microsoft Windows operating systems will host eight total applications, more efficient than typical Windows environments that host one application in each operating system. In addition, the hospital will rely on Unisys Server Sentinel, network management software that allows the hospital to centrally monitor and manage its infrastructure and network activity.

"The recent trend for all businesses has been to cut costs and achieve optimal efficiency through consolidation", stated Wayne Carpenter, director of consolidation programmes for Unisys. "The ES7000 provides these benefits through the ease of use and simplified architecture of a consolidated Windows environment. The server is well suited to handle El Camino Hospital's long-range strategy of complete application integration, enabling the hospital to conserve resources and focus on patient care."

El Camino Hospital, a not-for-profit hospital in Mountain View, California, is located on a 41-acre campus in the heart of Silicon Valley. The hospital has received national recognition for several pioneering programmes, including cardiac treatments, radiation oncology, and maternity. For more than 42 years, its high caliber staff and affiliated physicians, its comprehensive and innovative services, and its long history of responding to the needs of the community it serves have distinguished El Camino Hospital.

Unisys is a worldwide information technology services and solutions company. The company combines expertise in consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, infrastructure and server technology with precision thinking and relentless execution to help clients, in more than 100 countries, quickly and efficiently achieve competitive advantage.

Leslie Versweyveld

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