Telvent and Rogan Delft win large European PACS deal

Sevilla 15 January 2004After months of intensive preparations and testing, Telvent Interactiva, Abengoa Information Technology subsidiary, has won a 3,2 million euros contract for a PACS system in Huelva, Andalucia area. With this contract, Telvent will provide Rogan OnLine PACS products to all the in total 17 hospitals and primary centres in the province of Huelva.


Telvent will also install, integrate and update informational systems from the Andalucian RIS company GESI and will install the infrastructure required to replace conventional radiography systems by digital images. This multi-hospital project, one of the largest in Europe, will provide instant access to medical images from public medical institutions of the Andalucian government that is connected and is integrated with the Digital Health History of the Andalucian citizens.

The solution is based on a distributed architecture around a central archive where information of all the institutions is consolidated. The solution uses the corporative network of the Junta Andalucia as its transmission channel. Goal of the installation will be to improve the management of the information, by decreasing the access time to the diagnosed images from the medical personal. It will allow simultaneous access to radiographies and reports from different centres, allowing a better service to the patients in this area.

Other technologies integrated in this project are secure Web access to the images and reports and the speech recognition system for the report dictation. With this new contract, Telvent consolidates its position in the health sector. Telvent is a subsidiary of Abengoa. The company is a specialist in IT solutions with high technological added value in industrial sectors as energy, environmental, traffic, transport, telecommunications and public administration. Telvent is a key provider for those sectors in Spain, North America, Latin America and Asia.

With more than 40 years experience in control systems, industrial supervision and company process management, Telvent executes projects and offers technical services in critical applications, real-time control and information management. With a wide offer of outsourcing services and consultancy, and at the same time applying a neutral philosophy about technology, Telvent manages telecommunications and IT infrastructures for a wide spectrum of international customers.

Abengoa, industrial and technological company with activity in the whole world, provides solutions for sustainable development, knowledge and information society and infrastructures development. Abengoa develops its activities in four main areas: bio-energy, where it is the second largest producer in the world produced of bio-etanol; environmental services; information technologies; and industrial and building engineering, where the company is leader in Spain and Latin America.

Rogan-Delft is best known for pioneering the EOL or "Everything On-Line" concept, making routing and pre-fetching a thing of the past. The company has been delivering open and easy to integrate PACS solutions since 1988. New products will be introduced by Rogan-Delft at the 2004 European Congress of Radiology in Vienna and further innovative products are expected during the course of this year.

Rogan Delft B.V. is a majority owned subsidiary of Delft Instruments and part of the Delft Diagnostic Imaging Group. Delft Instruments N.V. is the holding company of an international group of companies with around 1000 employees and annual sales in excess of EUR 180 million. Delft Instruments sells primarily advanced instruments, systems and software developed and/or produced in-house for medical, industrial and scientific applications, supplemented by a range of trading products.

Leslie Versweyveld

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