ORTHOsoft releases new surgical navigation system technologies for knee and spine

Montréal 05 February 2004ORTHOsoft Inc., a specialist in Computer-Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery (CAOS), has released the next version of the Navitrack TotalKnee Image-less solution for total knee replacement surgeries, and announced the availability of the next generation of 3D image-guided technology for pedicle screw placement, Navitrack PSP 4.0, part of the Navitrack Spine product family. These two advancements in surgical navigation systems are designed to improve implant placement accuracy and outcome, and to potentially reduce recuperation time for patients following an orthopaedic surgical procedure.


The Navitrack TotalKnee CAOS software provides surgeons with a user-friendly application that guides them through total knee reconstruction surgery with a validation feature optimising accuracy and patient satisfaction.

"In routine knee replacement surgery, as many as twenty-five percent of the cases can result in alignment errors of more than three degrees. In a recent study of 74 patients, the Navitrack TotalKnee application reduces this amount of inaccurate alignments to under five percent", stated Dr. Louis-Philippe Amiot, Chairman and CEO, ORTHOsoft Inc. "This application has streamlined the surgical procedure, and having supported over 7000 orthopaedic procedures in Europe and North America, the Navitrack TotalKnee improves surgical outcomes and creates increased demand for computer assisted surgery worldwide", continued Dr. Amiot.

This version of the successful Navitrack TotalKnee enhances less invasive surgery and improves outcomes with features such as real-time patient operative data and a user-friendly interface for step-by-step procedure validation. The Navitrack TotalKnee system provides surgeons with easily identifiable alignment information, specific views of the knee, and animations showing key tasks to be performed when reconstructing the knee joint. This real-time visual validation of the procedure can result in greater accuracy, whereby creating potentially less of a need for repeat operations.

Navitrack TotalKnee also offers visual representations of the femoral and tibial axes through real-time digital imaging, which surgeons can then use to make adjustments to alignments before making the first cut. During surgery, the surgeon can use the positioning block after each step to confirm correct alignment and prevent error. Additionally, the surgeon can use up to three patient-specific rotation parameters which will lead to a more informed decision for the implant rotation, an option not always possible in standard surgery.

In addition, ORTHOsoft has launched its new Navitrack PSP 4.0 3D image-guided technology, which reduces the complication rates of conventional spinal operations, and is the only application available today to display multiple tracked vertebrae simultaneously for an intra-operative visual assessment of the spinal curve correction. Now available in Europe and in the United States, Navitrack PSP 4.0 is the fourth version of ORTHOsoft's CT-based pedicle screw placement application, which has been in operation since 1997.

Navitrack PSP 4.0 supports implantation of the pedicle screw fixation systems to correct and stabilise congenital and acquired deformities, as well as trauma and degenerative diseases of the spine. While carrying many post-operative benefits, pedicle screw placement is a complex procedure requiring a lengthy operation time with a potential for significant blood loss and increased risk of infection.

"Our goal with the Navitrack PSP 4.0 was to create a product that enhances the surgeon's visual field and to provide solutions that help simplify screw placement and reduce operation time", explained Dr. Amiot. "We believe the surgeon's experience, as well as that of the operating room staff, will be that Navitrack PSP 4.0 acts as a true surgical assistant during the procedure and helps provide better surgical outcomes", he added.

ORTHOsoft provides user-friendly, multi-platform surgical navigation systems for the orthopaedic market. ORTHOsoft's Navitrack integrates with existing hospital systems, providing surgeons with vital, real-time data allowing to improve the surgical process and potentially reduce patients' recovery time. ORTHOsoft offers a full range of products for the orthopaedic surgical market to improve outcomes in complex orthopaedic procedures. ORTHOsoft's Navitrack navigation system has supported over 8500 surgical procedures in Europe and North America. More company news is to be found in the VMW February 2004 article IBM technology selected in computer-assisted surgery Navitrack surgical navigation system.

Leslie Versweyveld

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