launches on-line cosmetic surgery digital imaging services

Los Angeles 10 March 2004Of the 8,7 million plastic surgery procedures performed in 2003, one can only wonder how many of those consumers would have liked to have seen the expected results before their procedure was carried out. Now, announces a new on-line service that allows visualization of potential beauty enhancing surgery without actually having to "go under the knife". By combining computer imaging with the skill and artistry of experienced cosmetic surgery specialists, digital imaging can simulate a variety of plastic surgeries including facelifts, breast implants, and liposuction, as well as non-surgical procedures such as Botox, collagen, and chemical peels.


Cosmetic surgery imaging is an excellent tool to guide discussions with a surgeon and to help one decide whether to proceed with cosmetic surgery. A patient can take these morphed photos to the doctor and ask how the anticipated results from surgery might compare with the simulated pictures. "A few people see their photos and realize that the physical and financial expense of surgery wouldn't be worth the potential results", stated Danya Hoenig, Physician Assistant and creator of "But most people become more certain that they want their virtual surgery to become a reality."

There are limitations to digital imaging, and Ms. Hoenig is careful to point out that it is not a guarantee of surgical results. "Plastic surgery imaging can provide a good idea of what one would look like after a particular procedure", explained Ms. Hoenig, "but it's not an exact replica. It's not about removing every bulge or wrinkle, but about producing a picture that mimics what could be achieved with surgery. However, individual variations among doctors' techniques and patients' anatomy create some differences with respect to the final surgical result."

The cost for cosmetic surgery imaging ranges from $19 to $49 (USD) per procedure. Photos submitted to are digitally altered and returned within 2 business days via a private web address. If the number of plastic surgery procedures continues to increase at the current annual rate of 32 percent, on-line plastic surgery imaging could help millions more communicate better with their surgeons and move forward with realistic expectations. provides consumers with in-depth information on the full spectrum of aesthetic surgery procedures, and connects those consumers with specialists to perform their desired services. The user's experience is enhanced with before and after photographs, message boards, personal stories, skincare, and recovery products and much more.

Leslie Versweyveld

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