Israeli breakthrough miniature robotic technology to assist in spine surgery

Caesarea 16 March 2004The medical device startup company, Mazor Surgical Technologies, which develops a miniature robot designed for spinal procedures, installed its first two systems in the United States and Israel. This system enables the surgeon to increase the level of accuracy during surgery while lowering the level of risk related to such spine surgical procedures.


The robot developed by Mazor, SpineAssist, is an advanced solution in the medical field, which offers an innovative approach to the long time problem of spine surgeons: the need to perform precise surgical procedures in the spine area without the risk of injuring any nerves.

The solution offered by Mazor is a precise robot, no bigger than a soda can, attached directly to the patient's body. It helps the surgeon to determine the exact positioning of tools and implants. The SpineAssist will shorten surgery time, increase accuracy and minimize the risk of medical failures that result from misplacement of implants and use of other surgical tools during spine fixation procedures.

The system was successfully tested on cadavers at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) and is in the midst of clinical human trials in several spine centres in Israel including the Sheba Medical Center, Rabin Medical Center and Carmel hospital. CCF in Ohio, one of the leading centres in spine surgery and research in the world, and the Israeli centres will be the first to perform surgeries with the SpineAssist. Each year more than 500.000 spine surgeries are performed in the United States alone, creating a large potential market for the SpineAssist.

Mazor's CEO, Ori Hadomi, predicts that in a few years SpineAssist will become a standard of care in spine surgeries. "I believe that the combination of precision, operation simplicity and performance reliability will play a key role in the success of the product and company." Professor Moshe Shoham founded Mazor in 2001. The company is located in Israel and it employs 20 employees. Several international VC funds invested in Mazor: J&J DC, Shalom Equity, ITP, Proseed, Dor and Alice.

Leslie Versweyveld

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