Digital Speed changing the face of community-based health care at St. Joseph's in Toronto

Toronto 30 March 2004Digital Speed Inc.'s award-winning mobile and wireless technology has been selected by St. Joseph's Health Centre, based in Toronto, to provide mobile and wireless capabilities to the institution's community-based health care research studies. St. Joseph's staff members and researchers will use a centralized mobile and wireless management platform to quickly create dynamic research studies that will allow seamless, one step, data collection by any mobile device or PC. The XML data collected is delivered to all types of computing systems for immediate analysis.


"We were attracted to the flexibility and portability of this data collection system", state Dr. George Tolomiczenko, Director of St. Joseph's Research Department. "People can easily enter information at a computer, through the Web or using handheld units. We'll be using it on a number of projects, surveys and programmes in no time."

Digital Speed's WAMx technology will automate the delivery and collection of research data directly to and from the field, with data capture anytime and anywhere it occurs. This will provide unparalleled accuracy of research information and enhance health care research data on the population, while reducing the costs of conducting such research.

"The power of this solution is that it allows health care professionals to create and manage their own electronic forms in minutes, and then immediately access them anytime, anywhere, on any type of mobile device", stated Stefanos Lialias, President and CEO of Digital Speed. "The technology is extremely user-friendly on any type of platform."

Stefanos Lialias will be speaking at Expo Comm Canada Communications 2004, in Toronto on May 4th on the topic of innovative communications applications employed by a cross-section of industry sectors.

Digital Speed provides innovative tools to allow employees to quickly create, dynamic mobile and wireless forms that with one click of a mouse can be simultaneously accessed by any mobile and wireless device or PC. The XML data is then seamlessly sent to any corporate back-end system. To ensure the security and privacy of organisations data an option is provided that makes the mobile device into a mobile dumb terminal. In this mode it is configured only to access and run the software on a company's server. In this way no virus, worms and Trojans can be introduced into the network through the device.

Digital Speed's technology won Computerworld's Global Best Practices in Mobile and Wireless Awards 2003 in the category of Innovation and Promise.

St. Joseph's Health Centre is a community teaching hospital serving the 500.000 residents of southwest Toronto. It is an acute care hospital with 350 in-patient beds. The key areas of service are: family, community and emergency medicine; surgery; medicine; mother and child including paediatrics, family birthing centre, NICU; mental health; and diagnostic imaging.

Leslie Versweyveld

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