Cedara to introduce new products for multi-slice CT reporting, mammography screening, orthopaedic applications and 3D segmentation

Toronto 01 March 2004Cedara Software Corporation, an independent developer of medical software technologies for the global health care market, has presented its latest health care imaging products at the 2004 European Congress of Radiology Conference, held in Vienna, Austria, March 5-9, 2004. ECR 2004 provided Cedara with a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how its Web-ready clinical solutions meet today's complex health challenges.


Cedara is in a unique position in the industry as the only independent software supplier of medical technology that can provide a full range of radiology solutions that address all aspects of digital imaging on virtually all devices and all modalities.

"Radiologists are very busy diagnosing and treating patients, so anything we can do to make their lives easier improves patient care and ultimately saves lives. Our innovative engineers have creatively figured out how a Web product can work effectively in a hospital setting and still provide radiologists with all the right tools they need to read images anytime, from anywhere in the world", stated Cedara's Vice President of Sales, Loris Sartor.

The Cedara I-Report CT is one of the most advanced Computed Tomography-focused reporting workstations on the market today. The software features optimized navigation tools for the very largest of multi-slice data sets, fully integrated, easy to use 3D volume rendering, MPR, and measurement tools, support for orthopaedic templates, and soon to be released software for PET/CT and lung Computer Assisted Diagnosis (CAD). New viewing protocols, flexible navigation, and keyboard shortcuts dramatically improve work flow and usability of this application. While addressing the special needs of CT, the product also supports all other major medical imaging modalities.

The Cedara I-ReadMammo is unarguably the best digital mammography screening and diagnostic workstation in the industry for mammography's unique work flow. This new product utilizes dedicated mammography tools that are specially designed to improve ease of use and automate presentation procedures to optimize current and prior mammography images.

The Cedara OrthoWorks is a complete PACS treatment and digital planning solution for orthopaedic surgeons. Specially designed to improve the efficiency of clinical work flow, the application includes acquisition capabilities for all orthopaedic modalities, including Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Image, Computed Radiography, Digital Radiography and film digitizers. It makes digital orthopaedics work for clinics by increasing image management efficiency, enabling consistent remote planning, and reducing future costs.

Cedara's new Tissue Type Segmentation software provides fully automatic and semi-automatic identification of tissue structures and organs for 2D and 3D MRI and CT data. The software can be used to build a variety of clinical applications that require fast, reliable automated analysis of anatomical structures, including cardiovascular structures. The cardiology package goes from MRI data selection to a complete 3D model, in one mouse click. Cedara's Tissue Type Segmentation software can be applied to specific anatomy using Cedara's sophisticated 3D capability and imaging algorithms that can intelligently learn from the data.

The Cedara I-Reach is the most advanced Web-based PACS diagnostic workstation software to address the communications needs of the entire hospital enterprise. The product comes with a comprehensive set of specialist tools, such as orthopaedic templates. This year, Cedara will also add Progressive Decompression technology to offer better performance for image display.

Cedara 3D Volume Explorer is a software solution for Ultrasound applications that provides sophisticated 3D imaging, real time 3D/4D, various rendering techniques, a multi-planar virtual endoscope, and integrated reports that can be easily incorporated into any onboard or off-board application. Cedara's Baby Explorer option uses innovative technology to quickly generate 3D images of the fetus during routine ultrasound patient visits.

Cedara Software is deployed in thousands of hospitals and clinics worldwide. Cedara's advanced medical imaging technologies are used in all aspects of clinical work flow including the operator consoles of numerous medical imaging devices, Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), sophisticated clinical applications that further analyse and manipulate images, and even the use of imaging in minimally-invasive surgery.

Cedara is unique in that it has expertise and technologies that span all the major digital imaging modalities including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), digital X-ray, ultrasound, mammography, cardiology, nuclear medicine, angiography, positron emission tomography (PET) and fluoroscopy. More news on Cedara is available in the VMW January 2004 article Cedara and Alion join forces to develop life-saving technology for military medical emergencies.

Leslie Versweyveld

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