Wise provides Edinburgh with first Virtual Radiology solution and releases Radwise 5.1 Radiology Information System

Corsham 20 April 2004Lothian University Hospitals NHS Trust, Edinburgh, Scotland, have ordered Virtual Radiology solution from Wise Healthcare Systems for Western General Hospital and Royal Victoria Hospital. Wise Virtual Radiology services supplement, enable, integrate, enhance or when required, replace existing voice, information and imaging solutions. Wise has also released a new version of its Web-based Radiology Information System (RIS) Radwise 5.1.


Edinburgh's 550 bed Western General Hospital is a major teaching site and a centre of expertise at the leading edge of new developments in health care, enjoying a national and international reputation for excellence in the delivery of specialist and general hospital services.

Western General Hospital has been a valued client for nearly 10 years, having implemented the Wise Radiology Information System (RIS), Radwise, in the mid-nineties. This replaced the departments aging ICL RIS and now serves 40 workstations within Radiology in the two hospitals.

Andrew Underhill, Technical Director at Wise Healthcare Systems, commented: "I remember this project well, Wise had a challenging task, due to the closure of the outgoing supplier support. Not only did we have to migrate the legacy RIS data to the Wise solution without any technical documentation describing the data structures, but it had to be done in record time due to the system having virtually no disk space left and it crashing on a near daily basis. I am glad to report today that since the Wise solution was installed the department has not suffered any downtime due to our software in over 10 years."

Wise will be upgrading the current Radwise 4 character based RIS solution to Radwise 5, a Web-based RIS service from within the Virtual Radiology solution. Also included are unique software functions supporting work flow and image management. Wise is also providing training and professional services.

Radiology departments faced with the restricted functionality and daily efforts of maintaining failing and unsupported Radiology Information Systems now have a viable alternative and affordable migration path. Wise Radwise 5, designed, written and supported in the United Kingdom, is a Web-based Radiology Information System (RIS) being utilised by NHS and private hospitals and clinics, both small and large radiology service providers throughout the country.

This RIS solution is next generation designed to integrate, not merely interface, from the outset. Radwise 5.1 introduces new levels of harmonisation with existing infrastructure, systems, devices, processes, staff and patients within a Radiology department, the health care enterprise and to health care professionals beyond the health care enterprise. Radwise 5 will talk traditional HL7 and DICOM where required thus driving any third party PACS.

The National Health Service (NHS) is again changing. Not only are core hospital IT services now centrally funded and procured, there is also integration across the health care enterprise. Radwise 5.1 specifically introduces advanced designs, integration and work flow features to aid this adaptation process and allow users within Radiology departments to share patient and clinical data seamlessly throughout the country.

Radwise 5, first gained international recognition in the health care market because it was the only Web-based RIS software on the market. Radwise 5.1 is available directly or through a number of authorised resellers.

Andrew Underhill stated: "When the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) was launched, we couldn't believe our eyes. Radwise 5 seemed to meet all the requirements in design, technology, implementation and vision exactly. By chance we seemed to have the exact solution for Radiology already up and running."

Large and small health care organisations' IT and Radiology departments are turning to Wise as a health care software author and systems integrator for 22 years to help them solve integration issues and improve work flow through consulting services or software provision.

Wise Healthcare Systems have been authoring primary and secondary health care software since 1982, Virtual-Radiology.NET is a next generation solution and framework based on the Virtual Systems distribution framework Virtology.

Leslie Versweyveld

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