Mount Carmel Hospital System reports positive test pilot results using AMAC's Telehealth Monitoring Platform

Columbus 31 March 2004Mount Carmel Health System (MCHS) and American Medical Alert Corporation, a national provider of home health monitoring appliances and 24-hour health care communication services, have reported positive health care savings from a nine month Congestive Heart Failure pilot programme utilizing AMAC's Telehealth technology.


Jeffrey Burnich, MD, Chief Quality Officer of MCHS commented: "Beginning in March 2003, Mount Carmel integrated AMAC's solution as part of its Heart Failure Disease Management Programme with one hundred eighteen patients at home to determine the impact of daily health monitoring, patient education and health reminders through an interactive health monitoring system. Mount Carmel's utilization measures included inpatient, outpatient, ER and post-discharge encounters. The data analysis compared hospital-based utilization data, during which time patients were receiving standard care - care before enrollment in the disease management programme, with utilization data, during which time the patients were enrolled in the programme utilizing the Health Buddy appliance or patient interface and the AMAC iCare Desktop, a Web-based care management platform."

Jeffrey Burnich continued: "The results of the programme validated our theory that home monitoring technology can positively impact patients' lives and avoid unnecessary costs. Annualized emergency room inpatient admissions were reduced by 15 percent and 17 percent respectively and the hospital system experienced a 25 percent decrease in heart failure admissions. Patient satisfaction results revealed that patients found the appliance very easy-to-use and reported high levels of perceived value. Moreover, self-management behaviour, which is defined as an understanding of one's disease state, increased dramatically over the duration of the pilot programme."

"The hospital has approved expanding the platform to additional disease states including COPD and is seeking the participation of third party payers to facilitate system-wide utilization of AMAC's technology", concluded Jeffrey Burnich.

Howard Siegel, President and Chief Executive Officer commented on behalf of AMAC: "Mount Carmel's results indicate that medical centres can achieve significant financial savings through daily care management, and we look forward to broad-based implementation of our platform in the months to come."

With a history of serving the community since 1886, Mount Carmel offers a broad range of health care services in the Central Ohio region. The health care system includes three hospitals: Mount Carmel East, Mount Carmel West, and Mount Carmel St. Ann's; numerous outpatient services; home care; palliative and hospice care; home medical equipment services; an ambulance and mobile intensive care service; a community outreach programme for the poor and under-served; a college of nursing; and a Medicare HMO.

Mount Carmel has received national recognition for its cardiovascular and orthopaedic services, and is noted for its oncology, neurosciences, and maternity services as well. Mount Carmel also has received national recognition for its application of Six Sigma principles in health care. The Mount Carmel family includes approximately 9200 employees, a medical staff of more than 1200 physicians, and more than 1000 volunteers. As a mission-driven organisation, Mount Carmel provided more than $63 million in total uncompensated community benefits in its last fiscal year. Mount Carmel is a member of Trinity Health, Novi, Michigan, the third-largest Catholic health care system in the United States.

AMAC is a national provider of remote health monitoring devices and 24/7 communication services designed to promote early medical intervention and improve quality of life for senior, disabled and chronically ill populations. AMAC's product and service offerings include Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), electronic medication reminder devices, disease management monitoring appliances and 24/7 medical on-call and emergency response monitoring. AMAC operates several National Medical On-Call and Communication Centers allowing access to trained response professionals 24/7.

Leslie Versweyveld

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