WakeMed Health and Hospitals depends on BMC Software to deliver reliable data for patient care

Houston 07 April 2004WakeMed Health and Hospitals has selected numerous BMC Software mainframe and distributed systems management solutions to help ease the challenges its growing IT department faces, and, more importantly, ensure staff and physicians have reliable access to data that aids in the delivery of outstanding patient care. WakeMed is an industry-recognized not-for-profit health care system based in Raleigh, North Carolina.


With eight locations throughout the Research Triangle area, WakeMed offers patients a wide spectrum of health care and services including cardiology, emergency services/trauma, paediatrics, rehabilitation and women's care. WakeMed was recently recognized as the 20th best hospital in the country and the ninth best cardiac surgery programme according to a Consumers' Checkbook study published in AARP Modern Maturity magazine. WakeMed is also home to one of the busiest emergency services on the East Coast with its WakeMed New Bern Avenue facility in Raleigh treating more than 125.000 patients last year. Because so many lives are on the line daily, WakeMed understands the importance of its business-critical IT systems being available and managed effectively.

WakeMed uses BMC Software's Enterprise Performance Assurance (EPA) solutions: MAINVIEW Predict and PATROL for Unix Perform and Predict. EPA offers management and analysis tools that enable WakeMed to better understand and manage the performance of its IT infrastructure and the business services that span the infrastructure.

"MAINVIEW Performance Assurance models have been invaluable to our business", stated Steven Riney, vice president and CIO, WakeMed. "On the mainframe side, our batch processes in the evening were running approximately 15 hours and pushing into the next work day. After implementing the BMC solutions, the models showed us where the delays were occurring. We made some adjustments to our infrastructure based on the models and we've now significantly reduced the time needed to finish batch. Our finance department is now able to distribute billing and insurance information one day sooner, resulting in a positive impact on the net present value of operations of over $600.000. In addition, the prediction capabilities helped us save more than $850.000 on hardware and software expenditures for the next three-year period. Without the tool and resulting efficiencies, we would have over-bought."

WakeMed's goal of pro-actively managing its IT environment and reacting to potential IT issues before they impact the business is directly in line with BMC Software's strategic direction focused on Business Service Management (BSM). Announced in April 2003, BSM is designed to enable companies to move beyond traditional IT management and manage their business services from both an IT and business perspective. BSM solutions provide a "whole view" of business and IT operations, tightly linking IT resources to business objectives and managing these resources based on business priorities. One of the benefits of BSM is a better understanding of the performance impact of business or IT change, capabilities delivered by BMC Software's EPA solutions.

"With more than 6000 employees and approximately 1000 physicians, one can understand the challenges our IT department faces when linking the IT infrastructure with the business services our staff rely on in the daily care of their patients", stated Steven Riney. "For example, if the clinicians in the emergency department at the New Bern Avenue facility can't access the applications they use for patient care, we have the potential to impact patient care and decrease staff efficiencies. BMC Software's Enterprise Performance Management solutions have helped us manage these applications and ensure their reliability."

Currently, WakeMed is utilizing approximately 75 BMC Software enterprise management solutions to help ensure the availability of its diverse IT infrastructure, which includes nearly 40 IBM AIX servers, 200 Microsoft Windows servers and a large mainframe. Currently, some of the key BMC Software solutions delivering significant value to the WakeMed IT department include:

  • CONTROL-D for enterprise-wide output management,
  • CONTROL-M for dynamic batch scheduling management,
  • MAINVIEW for Performance Assurance for accurate predictions of future performance and investment control,
  • PATROL DashBoard, which provides proactive network management and improves the network's quality of service (QoS),
  • PATROL Enterprise Manager which provide enterprise monitoring and a central console for event management,
  • SmartDBA Performance Solutions, which enable database administrators to perform event management and alerting, daily database administration and highly interactive performance diagnostics from a single point of control, and
  • SQL-BackTrack which provides intelligent, automated and high speed back-up and recovery for Oracle, IBM DB2 Universal Database, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and Informix databases.

"Our solutions provide customers with intelligent data about their IT systems so they can deliver strategic value to their businesses", stated Mary Smars, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Systems Management, BMC Software. "WakeMed's patients deserve the premium care they've come to expect and through pro-active IT management, its physicians and clinicians are able to deliver them this level of care. BMC is proud that its solutions have helped WakeMed improve the reliability of its critical business services."

Business Service Management (BSM) is BMC Software's approach for enabling companies to manage IT and services from a business perspective. BSM enables companies to understand and predict the impact of technology changes on the business, and conversely, how changes in the business impact IT, resulting in improved customer service and business performance.

BMC Software Inc. is a provider of enterprise management solutions that empower companies to manage IT from a business perspective. Delivering Business Service Management, BMC Software solutions span enterprise systems, applications, database and service management. Founded in 1980, BMC Software has offices worldwide and fiscal 2003 revenues of more than $1,3 billion.

Leslie Versweyveld

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