Italian National Organ Transplant System to use E-Ceptionist

Rome 13 April 2004E-Ceptionist Inc. has signed an agreement and will immediately be used to co-ordinate the national organ donation process in Italy. Centro Nazionale Trapianti or the Italian National Organ Transplant Center, in a project with TelBios S.p.A., will use the E-Ceptionist system to manage the organ donation process in order to maximize the number of successful recipients and minimize the number of organs that are wasted in Italy each year.


TelBios Managing Director Mr. Alberto Golinelli commented on the benefits of the system: "TelBios' use of the E-Ceptionist system helps Centro Nazionale Trapianti guarantee that the donation process is secure and allows doctors in Italy to make certain that a donor is suitable and that a perfect matched recipient can be found." Managing Director Golinelli continued: "The system will be used to archive donor information in order to allow our nation's transplant experts to review the complete organ record before making an educated decision on a transplant. TelBios' unique technology and process control methodology will allow fast and reliable information exchange with the maximum guarantee of security for patient information."

"E-Ceptionist will allow Italy's organ transplant specialists real-time access to critical information", stated Dirk Voorhees, E-Ceptionist's President and Chief Executive Officer. "E-Ceptionist will help the Italian National Organ Transplant Center save lives." Merrick Alpert, E-Ceptionist's Chairman, stated: "We are honoured to continue to expand the services E-Ceptionist provides to the people of Italy. We are proud to play a role in Prime Minister Berlusconi's modernization of the Italian health care system."

Centro Nazionale Trapianti is based in Rome, Italy. Founded in 1999 and part of the Italian National Institute for Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità), the centre is responsible for overseeing the entire organ donation and transplant process in Italy.

TelBios is a telemedicine company based in Milan, Italy. The company, founded in 1996, is a joint venture of Telecom Italia, San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park, Alenia Spazio and Value Partners. Based on the joint venture partners' consolidated experience and specific technology, TelBios is focused on three different business areas: telemedicine, home care and e-learning. TelBios has also developed its activities in the military health domain and provides tele-consulting and tele-diagnosis services to the Italian Army engaged in peacekeeping operations abroad.

E-Ceptionist Inc. is a privately held company located in Houston, Texas. The company owns and licenses the E-Ceptionist software. The service allows users to book appointments in real-time over the Internet as well as to create an electronic patient record, complete with medical images. The service is secure and encrypted and the privacy of patient information is protected.

E-Ceptionist Inc. provides service in multiple languages to customers throughout the world. E-Ceptionist's customers include the United States Military, the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and Telecom Italia's "TelBios" in Italy. More news on E-Ceptionist is available in the VMW July 2003 article Cardnet, the Italian Cardiology Network to use E-Ceptionist.

Leslie Versweyveld

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