Computerized Screening and ViTel Net provide self-health maintenance technology with telehealth capabilities

Sparks 03 May 2004Computerized Screening Inc. (CSI), a developer of self-health maintenance and prevention technology, has signed a partnership with ViTel Net, a provider of telehealth medical solutions. A critical need to automate vital sign testing and expedite transmission of test results led to the partnership. The two companies have coupled CSI's patented digital, seated weight scale and blood pressure technology with ViTel Net's MedVizer telehealth software in a freestanding kiosk. Incorporating telehealth capabilities with the CSI monitoring device minimizes the time between vital sign testing and physician evaluation. As a result, physicians can identify epidemic trends, which reduce the probability of disease outbreaks.


"This partnership rapidly advances the emergence of health care technology in new markets", stated Charles Bluth, founder and CEO, CSI. "By combining the strengths of CSI and ViTel Net, physicians are able to devote more time to patient care. The goal of the partnership is to establish a system that saves time during medical assessments, helps rapidly identify and prevent diseases and reduces the amount of physician visits."

In addition to medical facilities, the telehealth enabled Health Station can be used in assisted living environments, enabling increased medical resources for residents' daily health care needs. The Personal Medical Record (PMR) feature of the Health Station, enhanced by ViTel Net's software, enables physicians to remotely monitor patients' condition. This minimizes numerous medical risks, as staff can react more quickly to test results and provide required treatments. The Health Stations also feature education modules for specific diseases, which promotes effective self-health management.

"There is a continually growing trend of utilizing telehealth to reduce strain on intake clinics", stated Ken Lucas, vice president, ViTel Net. "Adding advanced remote capabilities to the unparalleled accuracy of CSI's Health Station will significantly offset the impact of overcrowded medical facilities. This partnership allows health care providers to service more patients without sacrificing quality of care. Patients no longer have to wait to be seen and receive treatment and can take a pro-active approach to self-health maintenance and prevention."

CSI Model 6K Health Stations offer a full suite of telehealth capabilities. Vital signs test results can be monitored remotely by physicians, eliminating the time and expense of patient transportation. Health Stations promote efficient management of multiple patients from a single clinic location, by enabling hospital physicians to track patient weight, and blood pressure, as well as manage diabetes and congestive heart failure.

Telehealth technology also enables medical personnel to analyse aggregate data collected, identify populations with greater disease risks and monitor outbreaks. The Health Station has also been proven to reduce health care costs by encouraging uninsured patients to use public clinic programmes for pro-active health management. CSI has been a member of the American Telemedicine Association since 2003.

Computerized Screening Inc. is a privately held medical device manufacturer, health care technology, and marketing and information company. The centerpiece of CSI's health complement is the CSI Health Station, one-stop health information, and screening technology that feature four patents. Included in these is a patent for the most accurate, non-invasive automated blood pressure measurement device in existence today.

CSI was founded in 1978, with a mission to offer affordable, accurate blood pressure and heart rate testing in non-clinical settings. One billion tests have been performed in CSI's twenty-six years, and CSI is achieving its founding corporate mission to provide individuals with access to accurate, affordable health assessment tools and information that encourage wellness and disease prevention.

ViTel Net is a total enterprise telehealth solutions provider offering a full spectrum of scalable and customizable Internet-enabled telemedicine solutions. Founded in 1989, ViTel Net is a recognized telemedicine/e-Health development and systems integration expert.

Leslie Versweyveld

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