Mobile Diabetic creates automated data collection system for wireless blood glucose meters

Snohomish 13 May 2004Mobile Diabetic Inc. has launched secure diabetes health monitoring with automated collection of blood glucose meter data. Testing and recording blood glucose levels is a routine task for insulin dependent diabetics. Combining wireless blood glucose meters with automated data collection technology will help simplify the routine task while creating a historical health database for care providers.


"New blood glucose meters are capable of sending messages or glucose readings through wireless communication", stated Scott Luse, President and CEO of Mobile Diabetic. "Our new telemedicine technology retrieves the data and creates a logbook record without manual data entry or cable downloads."

Simplifying the process of recording and tracking glucose data is a key issue in Mobile Diabetic's development efforts. "Incorporating automated retrieval of glucose meter data is a vital step in real-time health monitoring and diabetes management, especially in the honeymoon phase of Type-1 patients. Now physicians can provide better advice to patients about medication, diet, or exercise", Scott Luse added.

Mobile Diabetic has engineered automated data retrieval using two different methods depending on the capabilities of the glucose measuring device. The company provides mobile diabetes logbook and health monitoring services through Web services. mDiabetic is designed to assist diabetics achieve better health with wireless diabetes tracking and remote health monitoring. Web services also include encrypted health care database exports and mobile carbohydrate tables.

Leslie Versweyveld

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