Immersion's Haptic Workstation installed at Sandia and EPFL research institutions

San Jose 04 May 2004Immersion Corporation, a developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, has installed its Haptic Workstation product at both Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Ecole de Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. The first product of its kind, the Haptic Workstation is a three-dimensional simulation platform that includes right- and left-hand haptic feedback systems, immersive 3D viewing, and CAD model manipulation and interaction software.


"The Haptic Workstation has been purchased by EPFL and Sandia for the study of virtual environments", stated Greg Belaus, Senior Director for Immersion's 3D and Professional Products Group. "We expect more government and corporate institutions will acquire it for sophisticated 3D research and prototyping. The Haptic Workstation will become an invaluable aid in various applications including medical training, manufacturing feasibility, product design, and body mechanics and rehabilitation."

Haptic Workstation supplies an immersive interactive experience involving sight, sound, and touch. The resulting realism helps designers evaluate ergonomics, ease of assembly, maintainability, and training methodologies. By providing real-time two-handed evaluation of CAD models, designers can rapidly iterate through virtual prototypes before building a reduced number of physical prototypes. For example, users can literally hang their hand on a virtual dashboard or steering wheel, with pressure being applied to each finger corresponding to the pressure necessary to hold their hand in place. Or they can reach into an engine and experience the effort needed to change an oil filter. Candidate designs can be evaluated and refined digitally thereby saving time and money.

Immersion SA in Bourdeaux, France, an independent reseller, completed the Haptic Workstation sale to EPFL. Founded in 1994, Immersion SA specializes in the import and distribution of human interface products and customized solutions for visual simulation and virtual reality applications.

Immersion is a developer of 3D and force feedback products and technologies. Immersion's comprehensive family of hand-centric hardware solutions include Immersion's CyberForce, CyberTouch, CyberGrasp, and CyberGlove products that help reduce prototyping costs by allowing users to "reach in" and physically interact with digital 3D content. Immersion's cost-effective MicroScribe digitizer allows users to quickly construct detailed computer models by tracing over an object's surface.

Founded in 1993, Immersion Corporation is a recognized expert in developing, licensing, and marketing digital touch technology and products. Bringing value to markets where man-machine interaction needs to be made more compelling, safer, or productive, Immersion helps its partners broaden market reach by making the use of touch feedback as critical a user experience as sight and sound. Immersion's technology is deployed across personal computing, entertainment, medical training, automotive and 3D simulation markets. Immersion and its wholly-owned subsidiaries hold more than 230 issued patents worldwide.

Leslie Versweyveld

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