MobiHealth allows health care practitioners to retrieve essential drug information directly at bedside on handheld

Arlington 26 May 2004MobiHealth Inc., a provider of wireless clinical solutions and premier technology firm to enhance health care delivery at the point of care, has signed an agreement with industry-leading electronic drug information developer, Gold Standard Multimedia (GSM), to integrate its award-winning Clinical Pharmacology drug information content into MobiHealth's clinical suite of applications.


"Our clinical solutions are designed around providing health care practitioners with timely, accurate and clinically-relevant information during the decision-making process at the point of care on a handheld device", stated Gene Poole, Director of Sales and Marketing of MobiHealth. "Through this partnership, we hope to enhance physicians' and other clinicians' productivity, saving them invaluable time, and also to improve clinical outcomes."

GSM's Clinical Pharmacology drug data for handheld devices arms users with current, peer-reviewed, clinically-relevant content, including drug descriptions, indications, interactions, precautions/contra-indications, classifications, adverse reactions, pregnancy/lactation and administration information, and dosage forms/strengths.

Drug information covers United States prescription drugs, over-the-counter products, and herbal supplements. Paediatric, adult, geriatric, and pregnancy dosing specific to indication, including off-label uses, plus renal and hepatic dosing and dosage limits, is also featured. Drug Interactions can be checked against lifestyle factors, such as caffeine, food, alcohol, enteral feedings, grapefruit juice and tobacco, and interaction severity rankings are available. Clinical Pharmacology's IV Compatibility data checks the compatibility of two or more intravenous products and/or solutions when mixed in solution or a syringe, or via Y-site administration.

"We are delighted to have been selected by MobiHealth to provide drug information and medication management tools within their clinical solutions at the point of care", stated Marianne Messer, SVP Sales and Marketing of Gold Standard Multimedia. "Point of care applications are ideal for helping to reduce medication errors, which have been reported to adversely affect over 770.000 lives each year."

Written by health care professionals for health care practitioners, Clinical Pharmacology provides a broad scope of critical information during the patient encounter to create a detailed profile of the patient's therapeutic regimen, identifying potential interactions, adverse reactions, contra-indications, allergies, drug/medical condition mismatches, and therapeutic duplication. With the addition of GSM's Clinical Pharmacology drug information tools, GSM and MobiHealth's integrated solutions provide a health care infrastructure, which establishes electronic communications between physicians, prescribers and pharmacists to make the electronic exchange of prescription information a reality.

"With our recently announced strategic alliances with RxHub and Surescripts, our new alignment with Clinical Pharmacology will round out our suite of mobile software offerings, allowing health care practitioners access to patient-specific information, including formulary, generic alternatives, drug interaction warnings, and other decision support information to treat patients safely, and to route electronically, fax and print prescriptions directly at the bedside from a handheld", continued Gene Poole.

MobiHealth offers a personalized approach to meet the individual needs of physicians, nurses and clinicians. By providing the flexibility to access existing patient information and clinical tools during the patient encounter from Hospital Information Systems and Practice Management Systems, MobiHealth connects disparate health information systems, creating a cost-effective approach for interoperability via HL7 messaging integrated with its proprietary m-Integrator interface engine.

MobiHealth's award-winning suite of mobile clinical applications including charge capture, prescribing, orders and clinical documentation, combined with GSM's Clinical Pharmacology drug content, offers health care professionals a "go anywhere, use anytime" robust resource critical to enhancing job performance and patient safety.

Tampa, Florida-based Gold Standard Multimedia is a developer of clinical drug information and medical education software. GSM's staff of highly trained health care professionals has extensive experience in clinical and retail pharmacy practice, electronic publishing and software development. The company's products are used by the majority of the country's largest retail pharmacy chains and consultant pharmacy corporations, over 700 hospitals, health care-related Web sites, in over 95 percent of United States pharmacy and medical schools, and by hundreds-of-thousands of health care professionals worldwide.

MobiHealth Inc. is a privately held corporation offering health care facilities and practitioners a suite of mobile applications that enhance health care delivery at the point of care. The award-winning, proprietary software application empowers health care practitioners with the latest in wireless technology to streamline operations, reduce cost, increase revenue dramatically, and comply with regulatory requirements. More company news is available in this VMW issue's article MobiHealth integrates RFID technology with wireless clinical solutions.

Leslie Versweyveld

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