VEPRO AG installs integrated PACS solution at Franz von Prümmer Clinic in Bad Brückenau

Pfungstadt 26 May 2004In Bad Brückenau, the Franz von Prümmer clinic decided to replace their previous digital information system by an innovative and substantially lower-priced PACS of the VEPRO AG and for this reason quit the co-operation with their present PACS and modality manufacturer. Because of the fact, that also after years the requirements of the radiology in Bad Brückenau could not be realized by this offerer technically, they were not about to wait any longer and now let implement the entire PACS project by the VEPRO AG.


The VEPRO AG with their progressive information technologies is operating successfully at an international level as IT enterprise since more than 20 years on the medical market. The problems and false estimates of the many so-called PACS solutions during the first implementation in hospitals are known very well by the co-workers of the VEPRO AG.

"With the multiplicity of confusing offers and solution philosophies on the market, the decision for a PACS is very difficult for the customer", according to the management of the VEPRO AG. "The inexperience of customers is frequently used, in order to laminate functional deficits of the products. So-called Package Deals - modalities plus PACS from one hand - become fast IT investment ruins, since such offerers are usually only specialized in modalities and by far cannot offer the specialized knowledge of a pure IT enterprise. More than 50 percent of such first purchases", estimated VEPRO, "must be replaced after 2-3 years, because they do not support the operational sequences in such a way, as the customer needs it."

So also this time in the Franz von Prümmer hospital. The new solution covers the smooth connectivity of all modalities directly to the PACS as well as its implementation into all already existing information systems. Multi-functional diagnosis stations with high-quality TFT monitors enable a comfortable working and safe findings with the VEPRO image management system.

In the planned archive solution, consisting of a level 5 RAID power server and a redundant back-up server, in Bad Brückenau all data are available on-line on each workstation in seconds and are archived failsafe. The modular expandability of the power server to up to 128 Terabyte of storage space additionally is a reliable future investment for the clinical centre.

For the migration on not erasable media and to create patient CDs for external physicians, a modern, fully automatic CD/DVD robot is at the hospital's disposal. It migrates the data for long-term storage at night on data media independently and labels them by integrated printer with freely selectable layout. Thereby several copies of a long-term medium can be produced, which can be archived for data protection also in another building or a fireproof safe.

For a fast and progressive image distribution to obtain expert opinions or simply to inform third parties, a teleradiology solution via the existing communication ways is planned with the clinical centre Fulda. With this teleradiology solution the clinical centre reaps the crucial improvements concerning the quality of the patient welfare service and the economy of medical attendance. Of course during the data communication both the image quality and also the adherence of the data protection regulation are guaranteed by the VEPRO AG.

The Franz von Prümmer clinic showed great satisfaction with the planned solution and the flexible, individual co-operation during the project planning. VEPRO will convert problem-free all available data from the old PACS into the new VEPRO PACS and will ensure also during the installation a trouble-free hospital work flow. More information on VEPRO AG is available in the VMW May 2004 article Integration between Dictaphone’s speech recognition solution PowerScribe and VEPRO’s PAC-system completed.

Leslie Versweyveld

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