MobiHealth integrates RFID technology with wireless clinical solutions

Arlington 11 May 2004MobiHealth Inc., a provider of wireless clinical solutions and premier technology consulting firm offering cutting-edge solutions to the health care industry, showcased the integration of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology combined with the m-Health suite of mobile solutions during the HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition 2004 in Orlando, Florida, recently.


"The use of information technology that drives both efficiency and patient safety is becoming widely accepted among health care providers worldwide", stated Gene Poole, Director of Sales and Marketing of MobiHealth. "The wireless, automated and secure process of RFID ensures positive patient identification and fully streamlines operations."

The importance of positive patient identification in reducing medical errors is a reality when considering between 44.000 to 98.000 patients die in the United States at a cost of $29 billion each year from medically related errors in hospitals alone. According the Institute of Medicine, the leading causes of death due to medical errors is patient misidentification and/or specimen or medication misidentification.

MobiHealth's wireless solution helps to ensure the "five rights" of medication administration are achieved with real-time confirmation that the right dose of the right drug is given via the right route to the right patient at the right time. "Medication errors involving technique, maximum dosing, allergies, drug effects and drug interactions are not prevented by checking the five rights alone. MobiHealth is going beyond five rights checking to incorporate clinically relevant information to further ensure patient safety", continued Gene Poole.

Combined with MobiHealth's clinical solutions including m-Charge, m-Rx, m-Orders and m-Clinic, RFID will allow health care practitioners to accurately capture and identify patients, create a permanent record of real-time, updated patient information, track a patient's location instantly anywhere in a facility, diagnose a condition and initiate an automated charge capturing process, prescribe medications, check formularies and route medications directly to the pharmacy. All this can be accomplished without the traditional, cumbersome paper-based processes.

In collaboration with a global expert in strategy and technology consulting and medical device companies, MobiHealth is leading the way in positive patient identification on a handheld device. The suite of software applications helps hospitals and physicians reduce errors throughout the medication management process, by advancing technology and improving the interface between technology and clinicians to save patient lives.

MobiHealth is currently seeking hospitals and medical facilities that may be interested in a participating in a pilot study to integrate MobiHealth's clinical applications and RFID/barcoding technologies in a clinical setting. More news on MobiHealth can be found in the VMW May 2004 article GWU Hospital deploys MobiHealth's wireless clinical solution in nine-month pilot.

Leslie Versweyveld

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