Enhanced Crash Notification Safety Pilot earns prestigious Telematics Industry Award

Boston 26 May 2004Greater Harris County Emergency 9-1-1 Network, Cross Country Automotive Services, Intrado Inc., and Roadside Telematics Corporation together have been awarded the coveted 2004 Telematics in Action: Best Use of Telematics for Safety Award from Telematics Update. The award recognizes a company or organisation for the development and deployment of telematics for the enhancement of emergency response and driver safety.


The partners received the Telematics In Action Award for their revolutionary Enhanced Crash Notification Safety Pilot. The project delivers vehicle location, crash data and occupant's voice to the correct 9-1-1 dispatch centre, plus the occupant's medical information to the responding EMS vehicle. This information helps to reduce first responder response time and can improve medical care at the scene of an accident.

The Safety Pilot programme began in 2002 when the partners joined together to successfully develop and deploy an industry-first telematics solution that would enable the transfer of critical voice and data communications to 9-1-1 dispatch centres, mitigate limitations in the current 9-1-1 infrastructure, and enable 9-1-1 centres throughout the country to more effectively dispatch emergency services to motorists in need.

For the pilot programme, 500 police and fire vehicles in Greater Harris County, Texas were equipped with a complex network of electronic sensors that measure and transmit timely vehicle performance and occupant placement information. Activated upon impact, the system immediately evaluates the location, orientation, and severity of the crash. Cross Country's technology collects this valuable information from the vehicle, including the number of passengers, direction of g-force changes, occupancy of each of the vehicles' seats, use of seat belts by each occupant to help determine emergency needs.

Intrado delivers this information to the appropriate 9-1-1 centre in a standard format that can be easily read by 9-1-1 operators. During 2003, the system was further enhanced to enable the delivery of personal medical data and information on vehicle occupants, facilitating the best possible preparation of emergency personnel to aid crash victims. Using its Road Medic System, Roadside Telematics is instructed to deliver the crash occupant's available personal medical data to the responding EMS personnel via ambulance telemedicine systems. Since accident survival rates are directly linked to the speed and accuracy of the victim's medical care, the Enhanced Crash Notification Safety Pilot can significantly impact the outcome of a vehicle crash.

"Greater Harris County 9-1-1 is pleased to be a part of this first-ever project to enhance emergency communications and ultimately improve emergency response", stated John Melcher, executive director of the Network. "It has already been tested and proven that the technology in place has helped to route information during accidents to the appropriate call centre and to dispatch medical help within minutes."

"We are excited that this telematics achievement has been recognized by Telematics Update", stated William Tolhurst, Senior Director at Cross Country Automotive Services. "This partnership between best-in-breed industry experts has contributed to public safety by developing and deploying technology that can help save lives."

"Intrado is proud to be part of this landmark accomplishment", stated George Heinrichs, Intrado president and CEO. "Delivering detailed and timely information about crash situations is a significant step toward improving the response that emergency personnel can provide."

Intrado Inc., now in its 25th year, has been a pioneer in emergency communications since 1979. Intrado provides the core of the nation's 9-1-1 infrastructure and delivers innovative solutions to communications service providers and public safety organisations, including complex data management, network transactions, wireless data services and notification services. The company's unparalleled industry knowledge and experience reduce the effort, cost and time associated with providing reliable information for 9-1-1, safety and commercial applications.

Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Emergency Network is the largest 9-1-1 system in Texas and the third largest in the country. The Network provides 9-1-1 service for all 47 cities within or partially within Harris and Fort Bend Counties, and the unincorporated areas of those Counties.

Headquartered in Medford, Massachusetts, Cross Country Automotive Services is a provider of integrated vehicle and driver programmes in North America. Over 1500 Cross Country employees serve more than 100 corporate clients and their more than 40 million customers each year. Cross Country Automotive Service is a member of the Cross Country Group, one of the largest privately held providers of customer service programmes in the United States.

Leslie Versweyveld

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